Ever get to the point where you are just really sick of having to answer the same questions over and over and over again?

I have long since reached that point.

I haven’t talked much more about the transfer/moving situation lately, and that’s because, well…quite frankly, I don’t really know what’s going on with that. JB seemed to get a good vibe from the other office last week when he went for the day. Unfortunately, he was told that one of the higher ups had said that because the job was publicly posted before they ever started talking to JB about it, they had to interview the other applicants as well. Nevermind the fact that we already know that two of the applicants were apparently just applying for the job for the hell of it, because they have zero experience in the field, and the other two want such an outrageous salary that they obviously don’t know what kind of company they applied for. JB is the only one already within the company up for it. He was pretty much told last week that they would ‘play the game’ and then go from there, and he would get a call Monday or Tuesday about it.

Well, here it is Wednesday, and I have stopped asking if he’s heard anything from them. I’m so tired of feeling like I’m living in limbo, not knowing what I should do and when I should do it. It just bugs me that I was the one who was freaking out when this first came about, and JB really was going to turn it down because of me…and now that I am completely on board with the whole thing, they are the ones dragging their feet on it.

And things are getting rough at work, and from what I can tell, they ain’t gonna get any better. I have really and truly gotten through the last couple weeks with the thought that I would be able to get away from there soon. Yesterday was just plain BAD; it would have been bad anyway, but the returning feeling that I am stuck right here made it all the more worse.

Oh well. I can’t make them call, and there isn’t much I can do about the job situation at the moment. I’m just going to go day by day, live my life, and enjoy it.


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