heat wave!

What a week! We seem to be smack in the middle of a heat wave, and it has made for some pretty miserable days around here.

I had to work the first part of the week. I have never cared much for working 3 shifts in a row. By the middle of the 3rd shift, I’m literally dragging! This week was no exception. The first day I was busy with discharges, the second day I was busy with admissions, and the third day I was just plain busy and had a horrible afternoon. Let’s just say that in 10 years of doing this job, I’ve never had to toss scrubs because they got blood on them. The set that I wore Wednesday are now gone!

Thursday was the kids’ dentist appointments. This was The Girl’s first trip to the dentist, and she didn’t surprise me. I expected her to act up, especially considering how she reacted to the ER a few weeks ago. She kept pulling back when I was leading her to the exam room, and getting her to lay down in the dentist’s chair was next to impossible. He did finally manage to look at all her teeth, and gave her a glowing report. She grabbed her Dora tooth brush and goodie bag, mumbled thank you and stalked back out to the waiting room.

The Boy also got a pretty good report, which did surprise me because he’s the kid I have to literally MAKE brush his teeth. The nurse came out to tell me that his 6 year molars were in and had tiny cracks on the surface…they wanted to make sure it was okay with me to put sealants on them to prevent cavities there. So he was back there a good bit longer than she was. While we waited for him to get done, we were entertained by a little boy who had come in to get his tooth fixed…he had fallen and cracked one of his front teeth, his mother told me. While I was in the back with The Girl, they had apparently given the boy some Versed…by the time we got back to the waiting room, the poor kid was as loopy as our kid was in the ER that day. He was so silly.

Today, we went on a little fishing excursion with my parents. Now, I am not an outdoorsy kinda girl, I am the first person to admit that. I used to go fishing with my dad when I was a kid, but the last time I did that I saw an alligator in the pond and I never went again! So this was something almost new to me too…and although The Boy had been before, this was another first for The Girl. She loved every minute of it.


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