ah, water

Nothing starts the weekend off wrong like a leaky pipe.

Late yesterday afternoon, JB came in and said he was going to have to spend some time this weekend working on the water line. Okay, that came completely out of the blue. What the heck is wrong with the water line, I asked?

Apparently, he had noticed that one particular spot in our front yard was very, very green (in comparison to the rest of the yard, which is dry as the freakin’ desert right now.) When he stepped over to that area, the ground was really damp and squashy. He knew the line must be leaking or something. I guess there’s a certain point in the yard where it ends up being either the city’s problem or our problem…this is in the place where its our problem. Lovely. At least it’s just water, and not something else. Ew.

So this morning, after everybody had showers and brushed teeth, he cut the water off and went to work. This was after he had made a trip to the local supply store and got some sort of industrial glue/seal/whatever. After digging a hole to get to the water line, he was a muddy mess. At some point he had cut his hand on something (not badly) and had the audacity to traipse his muddy ass into my house to wash his hands. I mean, he walked ALL THE WAY through to the back bathroom where I was sorting laundry. I stared at him, and wondered what on earth he was doing, and watched him actually turn the handle of the faucet. Um, hello? Remember YOU shut the water off, genius!

Then he realized that whatever he had to fix the problem was not what he needed. So he took off to the Man Store (a.k.a. Lowe’s). He was gone for over an hour. Keep in mind, we have no water during this time. So basically, we were having to um, not flush, which completely grosses me out to no end, and I am now out of hand sanitizer I have used it so much today. I have not been able to get to that last load of laundry today, and somebody (no idea who, because no one is claiming it) spilled something hideously sticky all over the kitchen floor and every time I walked through I literally stuck to the floor.

So by 3 pm, I was already in a seriously deteriorating mood. He had put stuff on the pipe to seal the leak, and said it had to dry before he could turn the water back on. In the meantime, he was lounging around in the hammock because I wouldn’t let his dirty self back in the house.

Something just really set me off about that. Plus, I really had to go to the bathroom and we had reached the limit on that. I grabbed the kids and took off for my parents’ house. I had an old key that I found in my nightstand drawer last week, and I wasn’t sure if it still worked or not. It didn’t. I called my brother, who was thankfully nearby and was in possession of a key to the ‘rents house while they are out of town, and he let me in. By the time we got home, JB claimed he had the water line fixed. He and The Boy went to take showers (because, you know, this is the south, you walk outside for 5 minutes and you need another shower) since they were planning to go see Transformers tonight. I got started mopping the kitchen and ridding it of the mysterious stickiness.

Half an hour after I finished, I looked out the window and saw a river of water flowing across the driveway. Damn. So JB went back out and started digging, after another trip to get stronger stuff. At this point, he’s really just trying to patch the problem to get us through until tomorrow, when he has available help. Which, I personally think, is what he should have done in the first place, but who asked me?

I would suggest staying at my parents’ house, since they are out of town this weekend, but I would very likely kill their chihuahua before the morning. I can’t stand that dog and all his incessant yapping. There’s no way on earth I could tolerate cramming up in my in-laws’ house. He nixed my hotel idea…

I will never take my water for granted again…


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