Well, hello mid-July!

Where did you come from? One might think I had forgotten I had a blog…where are my manners, not updating since *gasp* June 27th!

The truth is, I have not forgotten I have a blog. Instead, I haven’t been able to really put my thoughts into coherent sentences lately. There’s so much swirling around in my head these days.

First, we had our first official family vacation since adding The Girl to our little crew over the Independence Day weekend. We went to Daytona Beach, and while we were there we took in the race that happened on July 4th. A grand time was had by one and all. (But Stacey! Did the family not visit Amelia Island two years ago?) (Why, yes…yes we did. But that was *supposed* to be an anniversary trip for me and the Mister, only we ended up taking the kids and attending a funeral while we were there. I hardly count that as a family vacation.)

Since coming back to the real world, we have been collectively busy with various little things.

  • The Mister: When it seemed like the move was a distant memory, here it comes again. Only this time, they have changed the story. Personally, I don’t think they are catering to the right person. JB is not the deciding factor in all this. I am. Yes, ME, the little woman, the wife, the one who will have to leave her family, her friends, her job to go gallivanting off on this so called adventure. Little do they know that if they piss me off, and I say NO, that’s it. I hate to be that way, but I know JB will tell them he’s not going if I don’t feel right about it. JB had to do some “technical interview” Friday, and supposedly he should hear something this week. (Um, where have I heard that one before??)
  • The Boy: Oh, I forgot…this kid’s as cool as a cucumber. Always has been. I wish I could be as easygoing as this boy.
  • The Girl: It’s July. She was born in July. So this is her birthday. All freakin’ frakkin’ month long. Every single day, she wakes up and says, “We go to my birthday party today? PLEASE?????” And every day, I tell her it’s not her birthday yet. We are 13 days into the month, and it’s really getting old. (And for the record, her birthday is not until July 30th. We still have two more weeks of this…) I have got her party booked and planned out, and unfortunately, it’s not until August 2nd…
  • Yours Truly: It’s true. Nurses really do make the worst patients. I’m no exception…I detest going to the doctor unless I’m just moments away from my death bed. Which would be why I’ve been dealing with a bum foot since March. (Sad, I know.) I’ve explained it away by saying that 10 years of running my ass off on hard hospital floors was catching up to me. After finally getting fed up with limping around and feeling like my foot will break when I stand up, I looked up some things online. (Google can either help or make me paranoid.) I was shocked to read up on plantar fasciitis and realize that it sounds like exactly what’s going on with my foot. So I broke down and got myself an appointment with a podiatrist, after going round and round trying to figure out: podiatrist vs. orthopedic? Since everybody gave me different answers. That will happen on July 21st. In the meantime, a frozen bottle of water has become my BFF.

So that’s life as it is happening since June 27th…lol


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