getting a little excited

It’s Harry Potter week, it’s Harry Potter week!

Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be an adult. Oh whatever. My age doesn’t mean that I can’t be excited about the new movie!

Tradition usually dictates that I see the new HP movies with my friends, Shan and Ames on opening day. This year, we were also going to add Lins to the mix. This has, on opening days past, thoroughly irritated my husband because I won’t let him go with us. Hello, dear…what does Girls’ Movie Time mean to you? I caved and let him tag along for the Twilight opening *only* after the other girls’ husbands were pestering them to go too.

This time is going to be a little different for us. My husband is quite happy about this new arrangement, because he gets to see it with me first. Shan is out of state this week visiting family. Yes, me and Ames went totally off on her when we found out she was going to be gone during Harry Potter week, I mean, how dare she visit family at a time like this?? But we got over it, and we’ve all made plans to see it this week and then get together in the next week or so to see it a second time.

My individual plans are now in place: the tickets have been bought for a Friday night showing, and I get to go on a movie date with 4 very handsome guys. The first guy gets to pay for everything, and the other three get to drink frozen cokes and eat loads of popcorn and candy. (I thought about taking two of those little guys back to their mother when I had them properly hyper, but decided I’d let them spend the night here with The Boy.)

The only question remaining is how to get my darling nephews back to their father’s house on Saturday morning. JB keeps trying to figure this out through my SIL, and I told him last night he needs to get the man’s phone number and figure it out with him…there’s way too much that can go wrong going the way they are right now!

Now I just have to make it through two more days….


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