I hear Coastal GA is beautiful in September

Almost two months have passed since we were first presented with the opportunity to move to the coast. Although I have always loved to visit the city, it had never once occurred to me to live there. So I spent the next couple weeks completely freaking out and bawling my eyes out at random times during the day, and was, by all accounts, a complete basketcase.

Then it was like a light went on in my head. Suddenly I was actually okay with the impending move, and was even a little excited for it to happen. We started talking it up to the kids, trying to get them excited about it, and the first week of June, we were basically told that the job was his. So we sat down and talked everything through, and more or less came up with a plan that would hopefully work for us until we could get everything situated there. Things were moving right along.

But by mid-June, the game had completely changed on us, and the company was throwing in some loops to the already crazy rollercoaster. Being me, I then went off on a personal tirade and proclaimed myself completely over the whole shebang, and I wasn’t moving, and yada yada yada. They were making him jump through way too many hoops considering they were the ones who came to him with this deal, and that really upset me. Plus they have dragged it out to the point where my kids are starting school here in two weeks, and the main thing I *didn’t* want to do was start them in one school and then yank ’em out and put them in another school. After everything, it looks like that’s what will happen anyway.

My husband called this afternoon, and simply said, “I hear Coastal Georgia is beautiful in September…”. Clearly, he thought that was a great opening line to a phone call, but he didn’t take into account that I have barely slept all week and was currently nursing a headache, back ache, a bum foot, and three kids running around the house like wild Indians. Sorry for ruining your ice breaker, honey, by completely not getting it and telling you to stop talking in riddles.

We still have a lot to talk about, of course, but the gist of today’s phone call was that the transfer is happening, the job is his, his first day there is August 4th, and they will work with us as we slowly get things taken care of here and find a place to live there. In other words, they only need him to come up for a few days a week, until we sell our house and find a new one there. I still have to get all the details, but apparently a relocation incentive has been thrown in as well…

I’m still in shock, really. I had more or less decided it wasn’t happening.


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