Having a w(h)ine party

I’m in a pretty lousy mood tonight.

Really, I’m about to get a shower and then I’m going to bed. Its one of those nights when everything is irritating me and I just don’t feel like dealing with anything.

Let’s just say: its already been an emotional day having to tell my friends about the upcoming move, I’m having considerable pain in my foot after this long shift, and then had to rush around straightening up the rest of the family’s messes so the exterminator can actually get into the house tomorrow, when all I wanted to do was prop up my feet for a little while.

Not to mention that changing my Twitter username yesterday apparently jacked my account up, and even though I can see my profile, I can’t DO anything with it. Like, LOG IN. Going on 24 hours now with no freakin’ Twitter. I put in a support request but obviously, that has yet to be answered.

Picking a fight with me tonight was highly ill advised.

Just sayin’.


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