and let them have clothes!

Well, I just finished wrapping up all those gifts that I bought earlier today.

I called my husband to get the amount of money that we could spare, and he told me to keep it under $150 if I could. I told him that I could definitely handle that. I think he might have doubted me a bit…

I am a big believer in giving gift cards, and normally that’s what I do…especially when I’m pressed for time. I love getting gift cards myself, that way I can go pick out stuff that I like and not necessarily what other people *think* I like. Well, since I had so many gifts to buy, I thought if I went the gift card route and put a decent amount of money on the cards, I would likely go over the amount I was told I could spend.

So I went to Tar-Zhay. I figured I might be able to catch some sales on clothes. And I did…all 6 kids got an outfit, and I got my most favorite cousin some really great stuff for her baby shower. I usually just go with gift bags, since I hate wrapping gifts, but I knew 7 bags would get pricey. I picked up a roll of super cute wrapping paper and a few bows, and dug out the clothes boxes I keep hoarded in the hall closet.

The total? $142. I think my husband was impressed…lol


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