Whew! Bring on the Lazy!

I’m some kinda tired right now. I slept in a little this morning, while my husband took the kids fishing with my parents. Once I got up and moving around, I got to work on my computer desk, clearing some stuff out, packed up two boxes of stuff.

Then my daughter and I drove out to my mom’s, to pick her up to head for my cousin’s baby shower. We spent several hours there, and she got a lot of really nice things for her baby girl. I’m just hoping I’ll be around here when she has the baby!! She’s not due until August 27th.

While we were at the baby shower, my superman husband was working hard to get the carpets cleaned. I had checked out a cleaning service to come do it a while back, but it was going to cost us at least $200. He said he wanted to try it himself first to save some money. I was a little skeptical that it would be as good, but it looks great in here! I walked in, and immediately said, “Can we stay? Because this looks REALLY good!”

He offered to go get the groceries and some other stuff he needed this evening. While he was gone, I got to work on the hall closet. My purpose was to clear the shelves a little, to show off that it really is a huge closet (I just had a ton of crap in there, you couldn’t see the shelves at all.) I packed up the things in there that we won’t need to get to for a while, and got those boxes moved out to the garage (except for the one I couldn’t lift!) I also emptied out two totes boxes jammed full of baby and kid clothes…I have no clue why I have kept those all these years! I pulled out the few outfits that were special to me, and kept those, but everything else was bagged up for the next Goodwill trip. (People, I’m talking 5 bags worth! This is after JB just dropped off two bags yesterday!) We might not need a huge house after I get through downsizing everything šŸ˜‰

I would like to say tomorrow I want to do absolutely nothing! But there will be more work tomorrow. A friend of ours wants to come check out the house next week. I thought we would have more time to get it “show ready” before we officially put the house on the market, but I guess not! Besides him, there’s another family that has expressed interest in it as well…I hope this means it will sell quickly.

Now time to relax a bit before bed.


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