Another day bites the dust!

It’s been another long day of working in the house for us. I have done a lot of decluttering today. JB made a trip to drop off the bags of clothes I pulled out yesterday (We found a drop off site in our town, yay for that! We were having to load everything up and wait for a trip to the place half an hour away before.) I got a lot more boxes packed up, as well as all of my winter clothes and jackets. I’m sure he thinks its ridiculous when I say it, but I really had NO idea I owned that much clothing. I guess when I started overflowing that ginormous walk in closet in the bedroom, that should have told me something…lol

Superman worked on the kitchen floors today. It looks wonderful now, but halfway through the day I was thinking to myself that I would almost rather have paid somebody to come do it…the rest of us were pretty much shut off from the kitchen the whole day, and the stuff he was using to deep clean the floor eventually started making me feel very queasy…enough that I had to go to the back of the house for a good while, until he was done. He even switched out the kids’ bathroom light fixture, and that’s something that we’ve needed to do for a while now. I kinda like the new one better 🙂

I finally had to quit earlier tonight. After about a week of not having too much pain in my foot, after the last two days doing so much in the house, it was seriously aching. Still not major pain, just enough to bug me for now.

I thought I was supposed to work tomorrow, but then I checked my calendar and I’m actually off. A rarity for a Monday! So I’ll probably finish up the house stuff tomorrow. It’s enough now that our friend can come check it out this week.

Now I’m going to sit down a while, go through my reader (I subscribed to a lot of new reads this weekend, from Blog Hop) and relax!


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