Not the best day.

I haven’t slept all that great the last few nights. Needless to say, I was not faring too well this morning at work, and let’s just say, DAMN I HATE RUDE PEOPLE, my official job title is NOT Maid and there you have the basic gist of my day. It ended up being another low census afternoon, so two people got to leave early. After the rough morning I had, I happily volunteered to be one of those two people.

I decided to use the afternoon to get all the stuff on both kids’ school supply lists. They were, in comparison to years past, a little on the short side. Not that I’m complaining, of course, because it used to really bug me to buy all that crap they asked for and then a couple months later they were asking for more. I admit that I skimped some, they got all store brand, less expensive stuff if I could find it. I don’t see the point in furnishing two schools with a ton of stuff that MY children are only going to be using for a few weeks before we move. Especially if we’ll just end up having to get new stuff when they go to the new school.

I stopped by to pick the kids up from daycare on my way back into town. I’m walking down the hall, peeking in the rooms my kids are normally in, when I hear someone call my name. They tell me “Grandma picked them up!” I could only stand there for a moment, dumbfounded, and then I finally asked which grandmother…even though I already knew. Then I mentally ran through the days of the week and just said, “Its NOT her day…”

It has been an arrangement between the grandparents for several years (JB and I go along with it just to keep the peace.) that his parents pick them up from daycare on Tuesday afternoons, my parents pick them up on Thursday afternoons. This isn’t the first time I have walked into the daycare looking like a complete idiot when his mother has already picked them up, because she certainly doesn’t bother to let me know. Apparently, JB knew about it today, he just forgot to tell me. Convenient. So I was already a little miffed about that…

And then they stopped me in the front office on my way out to talk to me about school and transportation next week. While I was in there, the subject of the move came up. And well, I walked out of there a blubbering waterworks mess. These people, most of them, have taken care of my babies since, well, they were babies. The manager told me she has a relative near the city, and she would get him to suggest good daycares for us, when we are ready for that. They all crowded around, hugging me, and I cried all the way home.

I guess I’m back to not really handling things all that well, at the moment.


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