Busy Weekend

I have been rather ill this week. I started getting sick on Sunday, after we spent all weekend cleaning, dusting, and packing. I really figured at the time that I had just inhaled too many chemicals and dust and it would pass soon.

Um, not so much. Here it is, almost one week later, and I’m really worried that I might hack up a lung or something. JB was feeling bad a day or two after me, and he went to the doctor. He saw a nurse practitioner, who told him that he had early strep throat. Me, personally, I think that’s a bunch of hokey…I was sick first, and I definitely don’t have strep. His throat wasn’t even sore…he just lost his voice and was coughing. But anyway, I don’t have M.D. or N.P. behind my name, and he is on antibiotics. During the day, I mostly feel fine. It’s when I lay down to sleep and when I first wake up in the mornings that I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. In between, I’m all good.

I took the kids school shopping yesterday afternoon, since it was Tax Free weekend in Georgia. They got a few essentials, both got shoes, and The Boy got a couple new pairs of jeans, shorts, non graphic t-shirts (because I detest most of those things), and some solid polo shirts. I tried to go as easy as I could, because I have heard that several schools in the area we will be moving to soon have uniform policies. I didn’t buy clothes for The Girl, because when people asked me what she needed for her birthday, I told them clothes. And really, she does…my tiny little girl hit a growth spurt recently, and most of her pants and jeans are now above her ankle and her little tummy peeks out from under some of her shirts!

JB met us and took The Boy shoe shopping. A little history for that: we have learned over the years that it’s better for the boys to shoe shop together. Have you looked at boy’s shoes? They are mostly hideous! The last time I went with him, I was this close to completely losing it, arguing with him over some of the ugliest shoes I’d ever seen. I still can’t say that I really like the shoes that they come home with, but I can at least tolerate them.

I also came home with two dresses for myself. People, I hate wearing a dress. I would much rather be wearing jeans and a T-shirt than anything else. That’s why there is a major shortage of dresses in my closet! I went through it yesterday morning, looking for something that I could wear to JB’s cousin’s wedding this afternoon, and I had nothing that I would be comfortable in at all. (It’s South Georgia in August, and we are going to be outside on a plantation. You do the math.) I tried on at least a dozen, but I found two that I really liked, and for me that’s saying a lot! Only paid $60 for the two of them together, in a notoriously pricey store.

So…wedding this afternoon, The Girl’s birthday party tomorrow!


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