Ugh. I am so sick, that I can’t think of any decent title for this entry other than SICK. I’ve been sick-ish all week but apparently in denial about it, but three nights of little to no sleep due to this hacking cough has brought me crashing back into reality. I think it’s time to admit that I likely have bronchitis by this point. Last night was absolutely horrible, I tried sleeping propped up on pillows, sleeping in the recliner, and finally gave up attempting to get comfortable and resorted to just sleeping on the couch. For all of maybe an hour, before it was time to get up to get the kids off to school.

I had to call myself out of work today, which I’m sure I’ll end up paying for later, but I just didn’t think I would function very well with no sleep and coughing like this.

In other, happier, news…The Girl’s birthday party was yesterday, and it was wonderful. She had a blast. I will write up another post about that soon.

The kids first day of school is today. I have not missed a first day yet, and I was going to today because I made a mistake with my work schedule. Not that it’s the reason I called out, of course. Hacking my lungs out just happened to work out in favor of not missing the first day, I guess. Sad, isn’t it?

JB left for the city a little while ago. I hated to see him go, and Lord knows I’m going to miss him like crazy until he gets home Wednesday night…but this trip feels so different than the others. I never really stressed about it like I have about the others. Maybe because there’s an important reason behind this trip. The next few weeks are going to be very difficult for all of us, with him spending so much time there and the rest of us here…but we’ll make it through. I’m going to drive there next Monday, and we’ll scope out houses and such.

Okay, so better, happier entries to come soon. For now, I’m going to pick up my medication from the pharmacy and take a nap.


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