The Birthday Party

Birthday Cake Our daughter’s 5th birthday party was held Sunday afternoon, at a new place in town that is full of nothing but bounce houses. The kid loves jumping around in these things, so when we heard about this place, we immediately booked her party there.

After the previous night of the wedding, there were some family issues. As sad as it sounds, I walked into her birthday party prepared to ask certain people to leave if they started anything up. I’ve just reached that point, and I think its safe to say that my husband has, too. Thankfully, nothing was said (at least not to my knowledge at the time.) and our baby girl had a wonderful party. I did found out some things from my mother the next day, but she didn’t let it get very far before she spoke up to the person about it.

Anyway, back to the party! Not every kid that we invited was able to come, but we have learned over the last five years that the dates that we tend to schedule her parties often collide with the last weekend or so before school starts and a lot of people are on vacations. I was mildly hurt that two of our friends not only didn’t come, but never called to tell me they weren’t going to make it. And then I got over it 🙂

She got a lot of great gifts…mostly clothes, which she desperately needed! Her recent growth spurt has made a lot of her clothes far too small for her. She also got a couple of Camp Rock dolls, and a talking Dora doll. She got her Nintendo DS from us, and some games from my parents and my brother. I was worried she wouldn’t know how to work it, but she went to town on it!

That picture up there is her very awesome cake that a former coworker made for her. She’s trying to get her cake business going on the side, and I’ve been hearing great things about her…so I ventured away from my usual and sent her a picture I’d found of a Dora cake that we liked and she did a wonderful job making one like it.

I still can’t believe my baby is 5 years old!


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