This Past Monday…

So we all know how I said I was so sick earlier in the week, right? Right? Yeah, okay.

Well, I’m still sick. Although I am getting better, its a very slow process. When I get any kind of respiratory junk, it just hangs around me for weeks at a time. Very irritating for me, very irritating for my husband who has to listen to me hack. I’m still not sleeping well at all, because once I get comfortable and get to sleep, I wake up in a coughing fit in the middle of the night. Um, last night, I will admit that at 1:30 am I was rather afraid I was going to suffocate right then and there. I just kept coughing and couldn’t stop, and I felt like I was not getting any air at all. After almost getting sick (which would have been bad, really bad) I got up and walked around a bit, took some cough medicine, and tried to sleep again. I don’t remember waking up again, until I realized I’d overslept and we had to rush around to get the kids to school!

School Days Speaking of school: the kids so far are doing great! Their first days went well. They both seem to like their teachers, both have friends from past years in their classes. It’s been a little more challenging because they are two different schools this year. The last two mornings, one of the co-VP’s of the primary school has helped her get out of the truck…he is the main person we talked to last school year when our son was having all the problems with the dreaded bully. Words cannot even begin to express how thankful we were for him and the school nurse last year, because they were the main people who helped us when the principal and superintendent just stood by and did nothing for weeks. Even though we only have one child at that school this year, I was so happy to hear that the principal had been let go, and they were going to have two co-principals…he was one of them! Mr. R. has talked to me both mornings, asking how our son is doing in the new school so far, telling me he got one of the best teachers there. It means a lot to me that he remembers him, although I know it was for a less than ideal reason.

And I got a bit of news on said bully. I was stunned to learn that he has been passed onto the 3rd grade. It baffles me how, since I personally know he missed loads of days because of multiple suspensions throughout the entire school year. But he is at my son’s elementary school, and my son has seen him a few times. So far there have been no problems, and I know we won’t have to worry about this kid for much longer, but still!

J. has had a good first week in the Savannah office. We had hooked up and tested the webcams he’d bought, so we have been able to talk to him (and see him!) at night. He’s probably on his way home right now. While he was there, he was able to drive around some of the neighborhoods we have been hearing and reading about online, and checking them out first hand. I have spent much of the last two days, going back through the real estate listings that I have been saving the last couple months with a fine tooth comb, deciding which ones we are interested in. I put a long list together today, of the primary things that we were looking for and the houses I had found, and we emailed those to the realtor he’s been talking to. She’s already emailed back, confirming basically what I’d already been learning about the school systems, but it’s nice to have that confimation! I’m going to try to narrow it down from there, and tell her which ones we definitely want to look at…the plan is for me to follow him to Savannah Monday after I take the kids to school, and we’ll spend that afternoon and much of Tuesday with her walking through them. I’m nervous, but getting excited about it.


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