Stress and Aggravation

Well, I think I am finally over this bronchitis crap! Now I feel like I’m just wanting to get caught up on all the sleep I lost over the last almost two weeks.

The bad thing is, having a clearer head has only allowed me to think about all the things going on right now. Our house is now all but sold, we have to get a contract up and signed by our friend who is buying the house. How the hell to go about doing that, I have no freaking clue.

We got pre-approved for a smaller amount than I was expecting, even though I knew we were basing it only on my husband’s income. Granted, I have found some houses for us to look at that are that amount or lower, but still. The house we both really, really, really like is about $3000 over our amount. He’s telling me that its okay, we’ll have some leftover from the sale of our house, and we might be able to talk them into lowering the price a little. I don’t pretend to understand any of this stuff, at all. We are trying to figure out a way to cut down on some things, since I will not be working right away.

The person at the bank said we could up the amount a little more, if we were to pay off one of his credit cards, and maybe trade in his truck for a lightly used vehicle with a smaller payment. That is proving difficult, as he’s been trying to sell his truck, which has NOTHING wrong with it, but has high mileage because of all the damn traveling he’s had to do for work the last couple years. So he’ll have a hard time getting a decent price for it, no matter what. He’s got that old Jeep that he just had to have, and now he’s looking at selling it, and that will pay off a credit card. The trick is finding somebody who wants it.

Our biggest problem is, we have too much. We both have satellite radio in our vehicles, which we don’t need. We have digital cable, and upgraded the package a few months ago JUST SO our son could have one stinking channel. We both have cell phones, and a land line. We eat out all the time. There was absolutely no need for a $30,000 new truck a couple years ago. I admit, there was no need for a $28,000 new Jeep for me, and I scoffed at the murmurs of how impractical it was at the time…but I had no idea that 8 months down the road we’d be faced with some serious life changes. As much as I adore that Jeep, there wasn’t anything wrong with my Liberty, and it was actually close to being paid for, so now I’m kicking myself for that decision. I love my husband with all my heart, but he’s always got to have the latest and the greatest of everything, and that is I think, one of the reasons we are dealing with this now.

And to top it all off, work really, really, really sucks right now. I want out of there so bad I can’t stand it. But I’m not seeing an end yet, and I think that’s whats killing me…knowing that I’ll leave soon but not knowing when.

I’m just so unbelievable stressed about all of this. I just want to wave my hand at all of it and POOF make it go away. I wish I could just sleep my way through the next month and wake up in a new house.


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