Yesterday morning, after we got the kids off to school, JB and I headed off for the city. We took different vehicles, since he has to stay the whole week, and I was planning to come home Tuesday afternoon. I have zero sense of direction, and I have to rely on GPS to get me just about anywhere…only I had to ignore my GPS yesterday, because my husband apparently has an internal navigation system in his head. I’d much rather take the interstates than drive through little towns and such, but I guess he is the opposite. The drive home was much easier for me, as I took interstates the whole time and really didn’t hit a lot of road construction or traffic. Granted, that was one long, long drive…

We got checked into our hotel around noon, and then went for a quick lunch. We got to the realtor’s office a little after 1 pm, and spent the first little bit talking to her about what we were looking for. Then it was off to see some houses!

We had found three houses online that looked promising and seemed to be within our revised price range. (Revised, because I won’t be working for a while and we are basing it on his income only…we are downsizing a bit.) One of them was already under contract, but she took us to the other two houses…both foreclosures. OMG. They were simply awful, and more or less trashed on the inside. The realty site we saw them on only had exterior photos, and now we know why! In fact, the first several houses we went to really weren’t much that we were excited about.

Then she took us to another little subdivision…one that reminded us of a bigger version of our current neighborhood. It was really pretty, there were swing sets and kid gyms in the backyards, and then she said the house we were going to see was another foreclosure. By this point, that word was scaring the hell out of me…all the foreclosures we had seen were terrible. This one, however, was simply beautiful, and it quickly became our number one. By the end of the first day, our number two house was a beautiful brick home with a large living room, good size rooms, and a fireplace…but a practically nonexistent back yard. But by that time, the realtor had started getting a good idea of what sort of places we gravitated to, and she said the next day we would be seeing more houses that she thought we would be interested in.

Day two was so much better. We saw a few foreclosures again, but for the most part they weren’t as bad as the ones we saw Monday. One was in a gorgeous neighborhood, had a very unique (in a good way!) floorplan, and would have been great, but it needed a lot of repair work done, and for the price being asked, I didn’t see it happening. We revised our top three many times as we went.

We saw a lovely house with the room size we needed, as well as the living room space. It’s backyard was already fenced in, and there is a screened in porch in the back. To say that I fell in love with the place from the moment I walked in is an understatement. That one then became our Number One. The issue is the asking price is more than we wanted to pay. I think it’s a decent price for what all is there, actually. The realtor said there may be some wiggle room as far as the price, but when I got home last night there was emails from her and JB, giving us a starting offer and wondering what I thought about it. It’s much lower than what they are asking…as much as I adored this house, offering that low scares me! JB was going to talk to the realtor today and try to get a handle on why she suggested we start so low, especially since I know they are seriously going to counter that right back at us.

I’m trying not to get too discouraged, but I don’t want to get my hopes up about this house and then it fall through. I don’t know if there are any other offers on the table for this place, but if they are, I doubt they’d take ours at that low point.

Our Number 2 house, is the beautiful little foreclosure place that we found on Monday afternoon. It is definitely within our price range. I would be happy there, should the first house be a no go. I just don’t want us to focus on this place, lose it, and lose the chance at the second one too. Our Numbers 3 & 4 are a different subdivision, a little further of a drive for my husband every day. Lovely houses, move in ready, but I have some reservations about parts of the neighborhood.

There is a part of me that is wondering if we just need to let go of the number one house, and focus on the second place that is definitely in our price range. I barely slept last night thinking about all this. Seriously stressin’ at this point.

Today, I’ve got to focus on getting our buyer here to sign his contract…we have to get that going before we can really do anything. This stuff is just further complicated by the fact that my husband is having to stay 4 hours away…he won’t be back until Friday night.

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