They just don't mix.

I am so freaking upset right now. I’m so over this whole house selling thing it just ain’t funny.

We decided to just go ahead and go the FSBO route, since it worked pretty well for us 7 years ago, and we already had interest in it. I remember the process being stressful the first go round, but it was more on the buyer’s end with her bank and not our issues.

This time, it has been so insanely different. A good friend of ours wants to buy our house, and he is okay with us staying here as long as it took until we found a house to move into. At the time, we thought that was the best option for us. He’d already gotten preapproved, then approved, etc.

It’s been downhill since then. Trying to figure out a contract for him to sign an official offer was our first hurdle. I just can’t get him here to sign the damned thing. He called me three times yesterday, and finally said he needed some more info from his bank. Okay, fine. Today, I left work a little early, since JB had talked to him and he was planning to come over tonight to get them signed, and I was going to immediately scan/fax them to JB so he could get them to our realtor tomorrow. Well, I sat here for almost an hour twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to show up, and nothing. JB finally called, at which time I went off on him in a seriously tearful tirade, and when he called back he told me that R. had been waiting on his dad before he came over. JB told him not to come over tonight because I was upset, was tired from work, and had to work again tomorrow, and it was already so late by the time they were talking.

Our offer on the house we want is written up, but we can’t officially put in our offer until our house is officially under contract. See the problem here?? Thankfully, the realtor is keeping a watch on the house for us, and she said that so far no other offers have been made on the house yet.

I’ve had it. I think we are now pretty much in agreement that if we don’t have an official contract signed by Saturday evening, we will be putting out the For Sale sign and listing it with a realtor, and just not worry about getting less money because of that. The money we’d lose for the realtor’s fees I have decided would be totally worth it not to have to deal with all this crap. Saturday will give him time to get his junk together, and J will be home by then to handle it.

Lessons learned: Always go with a realtor, and don’t do business with friends. 😦


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