Where we stand

Really, not too sure at the moment.

I think after realizing how very upset I was Thursday night, JB put it right on out there to our potential buyer friend. Either you sign the contract by Saturday evening, or we are done. This has been dragging out for weeks and now it’s putting us on hold for the new house that we want. Either you want the place or you don’t. We’ve already decided that if need be, Monday morning we’ll be getting the house listed with a realtor, the price will go up (to hopefully cover the realtor commission), and then its best offer wins.

Our friend actually called my cell phone around 6 pm last night, but since I can’t carry my phone in my pocket all the time I didn’t know until later. I told JB I wasn’t calling him back, he could deal with him. I had no intention of talking to him until he got his head out of the sand. It really sucks that if this goes any worse, we stand to lose a friend we’ve had since high school. Lessons learned, I guess.

JB got home late last night, because the road construction held him up much longer than planned. (Damn perpetual interstate construction.) He’s also half sick now. Yes, I’m being serious! I don’t know if all the stress is getting to him, if I’m driving him bananas about all this stuff, or what…

Today’s plan is to clear out the suitcases and get the laundry done, and then probably more packing for me. I guess we’ll wait and see if R. shows up to do business this evening.


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