Further proof that I'm a packrat

As if I really needed any more proof of that!

Our job today was to get crackin’ on cleaning out the storage building in the backyard so that my husband’s best friend could come get it. He asked if he could have it when he found out that we were moving, and we cleared it with the guy who is buying our house, and he doesn’t need it. I guess maybe JB’s best friend will eventually need it when he finally buys all those tools and various things he comes over to borrow all the time. 😉

I decided to go out there and help him, even though that building was full of stuff I have never used before in our entire married life! I figured I only have him back for two days, I wanted to be around him as much as possible, even if it was sweating it out working in the hot August sun! We got all the stuff loaded up in the back of his truck, and then we moved to the garage.

Our intent in there was to clean out enough space to put in all the stuff from the storage building. Again, the majority of that stuff was his, and I ended up just hanging around while he went through it all. I didn’t know what he needed to keep or what could disappear. I finally ended up grabbing the old garage broom and sweeping the floor, just to be doing something. We managed to clear out enough space to pull down the attic stairs, and we decided while we were at it, we might as well get up in there too.

OMG. That was mostly my stuff, along with a ton of baby stuff that I guess we put up there after The Girl was done with it all…not knowing at the time she would be the last baby. Either that, or I called myself saving it for my brother and sister-in-law…but since it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any nieces or nephews anytime soon, I can’t justify keeping and moving it all over again. They don’t exactly have the space to hang on to it until they need it either.

There was box after box of things that I had kept, much of it from childhood, little sentimental things. JB thought some of it was funny, and wondered why I had kept it. This is just a small sample of what was found today: that’s my 6th grade slam book, in which I wrote that I would one day marry a rich hunk; that purple bowl thing is something I made; the troll doll someone gave me when I was sick; that’s my college I.D. (which I hated); the gold box held the very first ring that my husband gave to me when we were dating; and the envelope actually contains my BRACES. You read that right, for some reason they gave me the brackets still attached to the wires, and I freakin’ kept them! lol

As I continued to dig further into the recesses of our attic, I found a few boxes full of old CD’s and tapes. I don’t think we have a single thing that will play those tapes anymore, so yet another thing that I have needless held onto all these years! If you can read any of the titles of those tapes, you can see that even back then, I listened to a very wide range of music. There’s a lot of singles in there, because I didn’t have much money and I hated buying whole tapes when I didn’t like but a couple songs on the whole thing. I can tell you, some of those tapes got just about worn out from  me listening to them so much! (I had about a thirty minute drive to and from school from the time I was 16 years old until I finished college…several of those years was when I had my old ’88 Mustang that only had a tape deck.)

We had fun going through all that old stuff that we have saved over the years. He had an easier time parting with some things than I did…I keep stuff for sentimental value, and boy, can I attach sentimental value to just about anything! I still have some boxes of things to go through, but at least they are out of the attic now.

We also found yet another box of baby clothes, these were The Boy’s clothes. I kept thinking as I was cleaning out the hall closet that I had another box somewhere, but it didn’t even occur to me that he had moved it up to the attic. There was also the box of maternity clothes up there, that I really thought were GONE…but no, they are there. I got a kick out of showing certain favorite outfits to our son, just to show him how little he was way back when!

The only things left up in the attic now are the Christmas decorations, and the baby crib. I’m NOT getting rid of that crib. That I will move from place to place, and let my brother use it whenever he does see fit to provide me with a niece or nephew.

And during the whole process we only had to come in to fix boo boos twice, one for each kid….


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