Ugh. Just Ugh.

We had originally planned that JB would be in the city Wednesday through Friday this week. Unfortunately, that’s not what is happening. There’s some big closeout stuff going on there this week, and they really needed him there in the first part of the week. Okay, I’ll figure something out to get through my workdays…

Only tonight, I found out that he might have to be there until Friday anyway. I’m not happy about that at all, especially since he says he told me before he left. If he did, he must not have told me at a time that I was really focusing on what he was saying, because I dang sure think I would remember something like that. Had I known, I could have prepared the kids to hear that when they got home tonight for a video call with their dad…a call that they both left in tears because they thought he was coming home tomorrow night.

This sucks. I hate being away from him all week. The kids miss him like crazy. They are having to get shifted around from grandparents to grandparents when I work, and that’s hard on everybody.

We made the decision last night to bump up my last day at work. I had intended to work right on up to the closing date here, September 30th…but then the more I thought about it, 1) I didn’t want to have to put the kids through all this shifting any longer than necessary; 2) there is always some hidden thing that pops up just before closing that has to be immediately handled or things can’t progress, and JB is 4 hours away most of the time. So I turned in my resignation today, and my last day will be September 17th. Which means, roughly three weeks, about 10 actual working days left.

I’m really to the point where I wish I could just quit right this minute, and stop some of this insanity that has consumed our lives right now…but I can’t just yet.


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