Wake me up, when September ends

Can I just sleep until October? And wake up in our new house? Puleeze?

Until yesterday, I was cruising right along, thinking our timeline of how things are going was all good.

I guess having a husband who is 4 hours away the majority of the week has kinda removed me from the loop a bit, though…he had a brand new stress that I didn’t yet know about.

I wish now that he had told me about this new stress on a day when I didn’t have a massive migraine, because me getting all ‘I want to hit somebody’ probably was not good for me at that time. By the time he got off the phone with me, he was probably wishing he had kept his mouth shut about it and dealt with the situation on his own. But we live, he learns, right?

The house inspection (for our new house) went great. A few minor things were found, like a leaky shower head in one of the bathrooms…but that’s kinda irrelevant since we tend to change shower heads anyway. We are both picky about our shower heads, lol. The inspector pretty much told JB that we were getting a great deal on a great house in a great neighborhood.

Our latest stress is our buyer…again. His father is planning to give him the down payment for the house, only his money is tied up in some trust fund crap that his family is bogging him down with, so they were focusing on that INSTEAD of getting a move on the house stuff so that we can close September 30th. I don’t know how many times I have told R…he doesn’t necessarily have to have the money in his hand until the end of September, but at least get going on the rest of it. So once again, we are faced with losing out on the new house if he doesn’t get his butt in gear. JB called him and his father last night, and pretty much told him what we were facing…the money that the company gave him for hotel rooms isn’t going to last forever, I’m leaving my job in 3 weeks, and if we lose out on this house because we are waiting on their family drama we are also out quite a bit of money, both earnest money and the inspection cost. Not to mention the fact that it could mean our family would be separated much longer.

I was upset enough about the whole thing that I went back to the realty site last night. Our #2 house is now gone. So if we miss out on the house we are trying to get, that would either mean starting over with our house search or reverting to our #3 choice (that was in a neighborhood that I was slightly questioning.)

So today, R. is supposed to get in touch with his lender, his lawyer, all that stuff. He dang sure better, because I’m already looking at putting this place up with a realtor if he falls through.


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