Where have I been this week?

Well, the honest answer to that question would be that I have spent the entire week this far feeling completely exhausted.

The Girl started running fever Sunday afternoon, and since she didn’t have any other symptom of ANYTHING at all, and she broke it within a couple hours, I foolishly thought maybe it was just a random thing. JB was going to be home on Monday, so I made plans to go on into work.

I wasn’t counting on The Boy having one of his new late night attacks of insomnia. JB actually laid down with him in his bed, and everytime he thought the kid was asleep and he’d try to get up, The Boy would latch onto him and freak out. So my husband didn’t actually come to bed and sleep until 2 am.

Monday morning, I naturally overslept. I was running 10 minutes behind, and as I flew past The Girl’s room I briefly registered in my mind that her lamp was back on…I had turned it off the night before. I backed up, peeked in her room, and her huge brown eyes were staring back at me. It’s nothing unusual for her to be awake so early, but the way she was looking at me didn’t seem right. I walked over to her bed, touched her forehead and she was burning up…sure enough, she was 102.8. I quickly gave her some Motrin, and woke up my husband. He said he’d get her to the doctor, and I rushed off to work.

She broke her fever quickly, and when they got to the doctor, she was swabbed for both flu and strep. Only the strep test came back positive. Not the greatest thing, but at least it wasn’t the flu! She spiked another fever of around 101 before I got home, but again she broke it quickly. Since JB was to leave again for the city on Tuesday, I called out of work to stay home with her.

When she got up Tuesday, her temperature was 100 even. She ran nothing higher than that the whole day, but then as I helped her out of my Jeep after picking The Boy up from school, I noticed her skin was hot. I got her inside and checked, and OMG she was 103.9…just out of the blue! I had a momentary panic moment, gave her Motrin, and an hour later gave her Tylenol. It took her several hours to break that one, and I got nervous when all she wanted to do was sleep. When she went to bed last night, she had come down to 98.

She slept well. Her brother, however did not. We talked to the pediatrician about what has been going on with him, and he suggested we try Melatonin with him. The Monday night, it worked like a charm…he slept all night long, and woke up happy and energized. Tuesday night, for whatever reason, the Melatonin did NOT work, and after his third trip into my room at 1 am, I finally told him to just get in my bed and sleep. Which meant that I got pummeled most of the night…leading to me wanting nothing more than a nap today, but I can’t because I have a sick kid at home!

So far today, she has run no fever. She was starting to worry me this morning because she wouldn’t eat (this child is normally like the bottomless pit, she’s always hungry!) but this afternoon she’s making up for it. We’ll head off soon to get her brother from school, and I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat of yesterday’s fever when we get home. I hope she gets to go to school tomorrow…I hate that she’s had to miss 3 days this early in the school year.


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