Giving the neighbors something to remember us by

Yesterday around noon, we drove my husband’s truck to the grocery store. We got back home around 1:30 pm. He parked the truck in the driveway for us to unload everything easier, and he just left it there instead of moving it to it’s normal place on the grass beside the house.

Around 5:30 pm, I was sitting in the living room, messing around on the computer. Out of nowhere, I heard JB yell that his truck was on fire. I jumped up and ran outside, not really believing what he was saying. When I got to the edge of the garage, I saw him with the water hose aiming it at the hood of the truck, smoke billowing out. He yelled to call 911, and I bolted in the house (and had trouble finding the phone of course) and I took over the water hose while he talked to them. He took over the water hose pretty quickly when he saw more flames coming out from under the tire well. I herded the kids back inside, because of course they wanted to see what was going on, and when I came back to the edge of the garage, we heard a very loud pop sound. I’m not sure if it was that noise or my scream that started bringing the neighbors out! I totally freaked out, and called my in-law’s number on my cell phone (my FIL is a fireman) but he wasn’t home. I later apologized to my MIL because although I have no idea what all I said, I know I was panicking and saying some, uh, colorful words. She said in 16 years of knowing me she’s never heard me talk like that! She only lives less than two minutes away and flew out to get here. By then, two firetrucks were pulling up, along with a police car. The only things running through my mind was that the truck was awfully close to our house, my husband was awfully close to that truck, and OMG what if that damn thing blows up???

So the firemen were hosing down the truck, I was standing with a few of our neighbors, the kids were with me and JB was over there watching what was going on. I finally started looking around, and I saw people riding up on bikes, golf carts, and even people hopping fences and walking up to see what was going on. I could look at any house on our street and see people standing at the end of their driveways, watching. As soon as the fire was out, I started seeing people turning and leaving…it might have been stupid, but I waved at them. Like hi, glad we could give y’all a little drama before we leave the place!

The firemen stayed a while longer, hosed down the truck again, and eventually got up under the hood to really look around. Their best guess is that either the battery shorted or the electrical panel shorted out, but of course that’s not the official cause just yet. They were just going on where the majority of the damage is. After almost an hour, the firetrucks left, and we just stood around with my MIL and one of our neighbors talking about it all. I think that was when it really hit my husband what had happened…I had my panic moment in the beginning, his didn’t kick in until after. He laid straight down on the driveway, and just closed his eyes. He was literally shaking. The neighbor was about to go get him a good stiff drink, lol. I opted to let him “borrow” a couple of my X*ana*x instead.

Today he has spent the morning on the phone, with insurance agents, the fire department, the police department, the bank, the rental car place. They say it will be a day or two before anybody can get here to look at it, but I think they are working on getting him a rental now. In the meantime, he’s driving my dad’s Mustang around (this is one of those times I’m glad my dad has such a thing for cars). Yeah, it’s a cherry red Mach. He could do worse.


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