I don’t want to complain and pitch a fit, but…

JB decided on a whim this evening that The Boy’s friend could spend the night here. I was right there, I don’t know why he couldn’t have let me in on it before it was apparently a done deal.

My main problem with the whole thing : except for the hour or so that we took the kids for their haircuts this morning, I have spent the majority of the day cleaning house and doing laundry…trying to get us ready to get everything packed up for this week’s trip to the city. He spent hours this afternoon in the hammock, after working in the yard. Neither one of us are exactly in any condition to go out anywhere to eat at the moment, which is what he was suggesting, and it’s already almost 7 pm. Sure, he could shower and get ready in 15 minutes, but not so much for me. It would take me a while to get presentable to go anywhere.

My second problem with the whole thing: I know we will end up listening to whining all night long now. Little Sister crying because they won’t let her play with them, The Boy whining that she won’t leave them alone. The few moments when all three kids play well together, that tends to be when they turn the entire house into their own personal running track, The Girl screaming right behind them. It drives me NUTS.

The reason I don’t *want* to complain: I want to let The Boy have as much time with his best friend as he can get. I’m trying to be a good sport about this, but its really hard to do when I’m pretty ticked off.


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