All packed up, ready to go…

We spent the afternoon getting all of our suitcases packed for this week’s adventures. Packing is something I really hate doing…one reason is because I tend to overpack and then my husband rags me about how much crap I take with me. Hey, I just like to be prepared for anything…

Two suitcases and a couple bags, a beach bag, and various other things (my cameras, laptop case, the food) are sitting there, just waiting to be loaded up in the back of the truck so we can be on our way.

We decided we’d take both vehicles, since he’s going to need one for work and we’ll need one to get around in while he’s at work. Even though I have been driving the rental Durango since he brought it home, I’m planning to drive my Jeep tomorrow and release control of the Durango to him. Although I love driving that thing, I know my Jeep and would feel more comfortable driving it that long trek than something I’m still not familiar with. Since the kids are totally in love with the Durango, I’m wondering if they are going to ride with me or him! (I might get a very peaceful drive!)

Just finished cleaning up the house, I have made arrangements to get Gizmo the cat fed while we are gone…and now I’m about to hit the shower before bed. Not really looking all that forward to the drive, but I guess I’d better get used to it!

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