I wonder…

This is something I have actually been wondering about for a while now…it’s completely random, but still, it bugs me.

In the world of social networks, I admit to being pretty much addicted to Facebook. I had the account for over a year before I really did anything with it, because I couldn’t get used to it for so long. Now I’m there all the time. I still keep the old Myspace account because I have a few friends that are holding out and sticking with that mess. I keep it just to keep up with them, although I really, really wish they’d give it up and get a Facebook already.

I’ll login to the Myspace account a few times a week, just to check in…but I’m on there maybe five minutes and then that’s it. Since I got the new version of Tweetdeck, I login in even less because the status updates come through there. Recently, I started noticing something. I have a stat counter on the page, and I look it every now and then. A while back, I kept seeing the same IP address popping up, same ISP, all that. Usually from the same general area of the state. (Granted, it’s a dang big area of the state.) It’s not just a internet provider, it’s an actual business name that shows up. Thing is, the first couple times I saw it, I thought I knew who it was, and they were on my friends list so I didn’t worry about it. But right after, that particular friend deleted her account…and I kept seeing the same ISP repeatedly. It’s not like I’m constantly updating the stupid page anymore, so I didn’t understand what somebody would keep coming back to it for. Out of boredom one night, I dug up an image from Photobucket, and put it on the page, top center box (and made the rest of it private)…the image said “Are you being nosy or did you have something to say?” I saw the offending ISP like two days after that, and then I didn’t see it again. So I figured whoever it was got the message and that was it.

So I thought. Months later, I started seeing it again. It comes at random times. I still don’t know who it is. Everything except the nosy box is private so I didn’t worry about it.

Then last week, I was poking around and noticed a bunch of visits to the blog section. This week, I noticed a bunch more. What the heck? Yeah, way back before I got into Facebook, I used the blog section occasionally. The last post I made in there was New Year’s day of this year. So why the hell is somebody repeatedly coming back to that page? I might could see once, just to see if I had written anything new in there…but six or seven times a day? Come on.

It just really irritated me. So I went through last night and deleted every blog that was written there. My husband saw what I was doing, and asked me why I was doing it…I told him, no reason to hide that I’m wondering if the Myspace page has a stalker problem. I could delete the thing altogether, but then I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the holdout family and friends that don’t have Facebook accounts.

This morning, I woke up insanely early and couldn’t go back to sleep. After a while, I decided to check it out again. Out of curiousness mostly, I decided to post a blog to it. It just said, “Damn. Stalk much??”

I guess I’ll see what happens now.


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