Day Three, a slower pace

Yesterday, we took things a little slower than the previous two days. I think the heat got to all three of us before!

After lunch, the kids and I headed to Savannah for a walk through the history museum. I’ve been there a few times before, so I pretty much knew what was there and what would interest them both. (Only THE exhibit that I knew my daughter would love was gone 😦 ) The Boy liked the whole thing, really…but he especially liked the Forrest Gump bench, the war uniforms, and the Revolution diorama. While we were walking around, we heard them announce the next showing of the movie they play…the kids wanted to see it, so we went. I’ve actually never seen it, so I don’t know if they show the same one all the time or not. After the movie, we finished our museum tour. They enjoyed themselves! I liked it because it was air conditioned!

After we left, I got mixed up in some serious traffic. I’m not a fan of driving in that area…it started raining, and there were SCAD students darting out on bikes every which way I looked. I have a feeling that will be an area I don’t frequent much.

We then drove out to the city that we will actually be living in (no, we are not living right in Savannah. Not even in Chatham county, for that matter.) We found our soon to be home, drove through that neighborhood…the kids both said that we did good when we picked that house. I wish that I could take them inside, but I don’t think that’s something I can do at the moment. We drove through the city for a bit, but the Boy was getting a headache and that’s something I don’t wait around on…so we drove back to the hotel and got him some medicine in before it could get bad.

By the time J. got back from work, his headache was better. We decided to get dinner at Olive Garden and then see a movie. Let me tell you, our family would LIVE at Olive Garden if we could, and I am so super excited that we are going to be living so close to one. Where we live now, we have to drive two hours just to get to one. We had a wonderful waitress, who poured some wine to sample…I am not a wine drinker, most of it just tastes like sour grapes to me. This one though, was GOOD. It’s something that can only be purchased at Olive Garden, and I have forgotten the name of it three times already, so I’ll have to look it up soon.

After eating ourselves into oblivion, we headed to the movie theater. The one we went to looks exactly like the one we go to back home, only a little bigger. We got there well into the previews, and I worried at first we’d have a hard time finding seats. I forgot what day it was, and that kids are in school here this week (whereas we are on fall break)…the theater was practically empty! So we enjoyed Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with about 6 other people 🙂 The kids loved the movie.

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