Okay, so I’ve been a little quiet lately. The main reason is that I have spent just about every waking hour packing 10+ years of accumulated stuff into boxes ever since we got back from the city last week.

The other reasons have more to do with:

  1. House Stress: After much drama, we finally managed to close on our current house with our friend/buyer Monday afternoon. We were supposed to close on our new house Friday morning. It didn’t happen, because of the stupidest crock of BS I’ve ever heard of. We are hoping for a Monday or Tuesday closing now. JB did manage to get a rental agreement (at no cost to us) for up to 2 weeks so that we can at least get utilities turned on and in turn, get the kids registered for school and records transferred. What happened was beyond anybody’s control, but it pisses everybody off. It has also served to make me NEVER want to try to buy or sell another house EVER again. At the moment, we are still on track to move this weekend.
  2. Stacey’s Not Used to Being Domestic: Dude. This SAHM thing is hard. Especially when I’m doing it basically on my own. ‘Nuff said.
  3. People Keep Stopping By and Stuff: I’m wondering if people have suddenly realized, “Hey, they are moving 4 hours away soon, we need to go spend some time with them before they leave!” Because dang! People show up here lately out of the blue, and stay for HOURS at a time. I don’t want to be rude, so I don’t say anything…but obviously my home is in a state of complete disaster and I obviously have things I need to do. Saturday, after spending all day packing and being thoroughly pissed off (see #4 below), we were about to head out to my nephews’ birthday party, and our friend/buyer’s fiancee, her sister, and her mother just showed up wanting to see the house. The sister had not seen it yet, apparently, and they just.could.not.wait.one.more.’effin.week to have it all to themselves, THEY HAD TO SEE IT RIGHT FREAKING NOW. I purposely stayed in the bedroom with the door shut for much longer than necessary (pretending I was still getting ready) because JB was taking them around the disaster area house…and I knew if I walked out there as angry as I was all you know what might break loose. When I finally calmed down enough to walk out, I flashed the biggest, fakest smile I could manage, and asked my husband where the boys’ birthday gifts were so we could put them in the Jeep to go. Hint Hint.
  4. Family Dramaz in the House: That’s nothing new, but I came so close to laying out one or both of my in-laws this past weekend, it really was not even funny. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I was at my nephews’ birthday party in my SIL’s home and I didn’t want to ruin their day. I spent the majority of this past Saturday in a pretty little rage, largely due to one of them, so I admittedly walked in with a huge chip on my shoulder, but still, the things they did and said to me that night were really uncalled for. I quietly sat through the the boys opening their presents, and then told my husband that we needed to leave. I literally broke down on the way home, and I told him that if my parents EVER treated him the way his parents have treated me I want him to tell me right away so I could deal with them. Ten years of this crap is just about as much as I can take. When we got home later, we watched Sweet Home Alabama on TV…the part where Melanie punches her future not-to-be mother in law? You have no idea how much I related to that part at that particular time.

Um. So that’s it. I knew I had not posted much here, but I didn’t even realize I had been all that quiet until my husband said I had hardly posted anything on Twitter all weekend,  ha ha. I told him that there was a whole lot I could have twittered about, but it would get me in serious trouble with everydangbody more than likely, so I chose to keep my mouth shut.

Needless to say, keeping my mouth shut has resulted in a very sore mouth. Gritting your teeth and biting your tongue to keep from breaking out in a tirade will do that.


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