Our New Life

I haven’t been quiet on purpose! I actually did try to post an update on our move last week, but the dinky little connection we had kept petering out on me and I lost half of what I had written before I saved it. I don’t have the energy to  type it all out again, so the version that will be here is going to be short and sweet 🙂

The move here last weekend was chaotic, to say the least. I completely lost all control over the last bit of the packing, and that made unpacking a day or two later pure hell on earth. Stuff that we had intended to throw out still got put into the moving truck, because nobody bothered to ask what I had sectioned the garage off for. A box of maternity clothes that I certainly don’t need, and couldn’t find anybody to give them to, should have gone straight to the Good Will drop off…but instead it also got packed into the moving truck and is currently sitting in my junky garage here at the new house. Yet other things in the Good Will section did not get moved. I don’t understand how that happened, but anyway…

I think the main thing that went wrong during this move is that we had too many people helping. I know that sounds crazy, because the more help the better, right? That’s what we thought…but when you throw in a bunch of people who think they know everything and don’t want to listen to anyone else’s ideas…well, you get the point, I’m sure.

Over the course of last week, we got the kids started at their new school (which they both love), and I got to work in the house. I have the living room and kitchen pretty much how I want them now. The rest of the rooms need paint (although we like several of the colors the previous owners painted the rooms, they weren’t the best painters…its messy in a lot of places and most rooms they used FLAT paint. I can’t stand flat paint.) I still have a few boxes of pictures, and wall hangings that I need to get up, but that won’t happen until the walls are done. I have no idea what to do with all my books or picture albums…the book shelf that used to be in our old bedroom does not fit anywhere in our house now. I guess that’s the downside of us downsizing our house! I also have a glider rocker that doesn’t really have a place of its own yet. The screened in back porch looks a mess right now, because that’s where boxes have gone. My dad actually came up yesterday to make a vehicle switch, and he took a large part of the boxes back with him…so its a little better.

We still haven’t been able to replace my husband’s truck. On our moving day, my dad drove his old F150 here, and rode back with my mother so he could leave that truck with us. He didn’t want JB to be driving my Jeep everywhere and me be stuck at home in case something happened. The thing is, that old truck has a weird skip thing it does, even  though my dad thought it was fixed, it’s apparently not. JB was fine with driving it, but my dad was nervous about it…so he drove here yesterday in JB’s old Jeep that he bought from him, and took the truck back home with him. I’m still pulling stuff out of the mailbox about insurance stuff about the truck, and that feels like it is taking forever to resolve. I’m not sure what we’ll be able to get, or when we’ll be able to get it…but going home this past weekend in my Jeep proved to me that we’ve got to do it soon. Putting our kids in the back seat of that little Jeep for four hours is not a good idea!

So that’s how our new life in our new town is going so far…


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