The weekend that was, Home Improvement Style

This past weekend was the first weekend since we moved here that we haven’t A) gone back home for a visit, or B) had somebody come visit us. That sounds crazy now that I’m typing it out, but its very true!

So we decided to use the weekend to get to work on just a couple of the many home improvement jobs this place needs. JB finished painting our hallway to match the living room. No more cave like red! Yay! I love just looking down the hall now, it’s so pretty, and light, and NOT RED!

I also used the time after the hallway was done to finish painting my daughter’s bedroom furniture. I wish I had taken some before and after photos, but it never even really occurred to me before I was just about done. All the pieces (nightstand, dresser with a mirror, and the chest of drawers) were actually a part of my bedroom when I was growing up. In fact, its all 30 years old! All of it was starting to show its age too…it was never white, more of an off white, but over the years it was turning more of a old yellowish color. Not to mention all the damage I inflicted on all of it myself…at one time, I thought decorating a room entailed sticking posters and pictures to every single surface available, and that included the furniture!

I had to do a lot of sanding before I could paint, just to smooth out the dings and get rid of the junk I had put all over it when I was a kid! I did the nightstand a couple weeks ago, and sanded it completely by hand. I was almost finished sanding the dresser drawers Saturday when my loving husband decided that he would bring out the electric SANDER from the storage building. Yeah, thanks hon. Me and my carpal tunnel thank you so much! If only you could have clued me in that we had one of those much sooner… After that it went a lot faster, and I got the dresser completely painted Saturday, and the chest of drawers was done Sunday. Now her room is all shiny and white. Oh, well, it’s also still neon green from the previous owners vivid paint scheme, but that will have to be fixed another weekend.

My white bedding set also came in this past week too. I’m planning to try a white/navy blue thing in our room. The walls are already blue, but its not really a good shade of blue and I’m thinking SMURF every time I walk in the room.

We ranted about the previous owners and their sheer lack of painting skills all weekend long. Not only did they tend to choose strange colors, but they were MESSY when they were putting these crazy colors on the walls. I see large drops of SMURF on the bathroom floor every time I’m in there. Their horrid shade of BLOOD RED is still evident on the light switch in the living room because they didn’t seem to think taping anything off was necessary. I could go on and on about the little details that we are finding the longer we live in this house, really.

But I won’t, because it’s all going to be changed and fixed soon enough…

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