Like a broken record

Just when I was finally starting to feel better, the day came right up behind me and kicked me in the tail!

I had gotten up enough energy to do some stuff around the house, put some stuff up in the attic and such. Then the kids got home from school. I knew today was progress report day, and my son was eager for me to look at his. With good reason; he’s rockin’ it at school! His grades are wonderful, which makes me insanely happy because he wasn’t doing well at all before we moved here. Anxiety kinda took him over and he just couldn’t get it right. I admit it, I sat there and cried as I looked at his grades. Those were happy tears, I assured him.

A little while later, I pulled my daughter’s report out. I was sure there would be something in there about the crayon eating incident that I got a phone call from the school nurse about this morning. And there was; but there was so, so much more than that. She was on ‘yellow’ for the day. Green is great. Red is bad. Yellow is somewhere in the middle. At first glance, I assumed she was on yellow because of the crayon incident. But apparently, she felt the need to have a random screaming fit in her music class, and was sent to time out twice in one class. That’s what the yellow status was really for.

And that wasn’t all. I finally made it to the actual progress report, and it’s not pretty. The teacher says that she is behind in many areas, and that right now its difficult to tell if the reason is academic or behavior. As I was reading over the things she is supposed to be doing, I realized that a lot of it is stuff that I know my son didn’t do until first grade. I have known since we’ve been here that their new school is academically head and shoulders above their old school, but dang!

Naturally, the teacher is also saying that Diva needs to mature a lot more. I try not to compare my children to each other, but I have always felt that she is so much more immature than her brother was, at any age. For a while, I tried to tell myself that it was because my son tended to do things and learn things early. But really, she is just immature. I don’t know how to make her mature!

I talked to her for a long time. She’s now lost her TV privileges, her Nintendo DS, and outside play with friends after school, for at least a week, more if I don’t see improvement. It got the best of me, seeing her staring at me with those huge brown eyes full of tears. We were both crying by the end of it. Those were not happy tears!

It’s just so damn frustrating to get notes sent home, saying I need to talk to her about her behavior. People, I have talked to this hard headed child until I’m blue in the face and have yet to really get through to her.


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