First visit done

My parents came up for a visit this past weekend. They got here around noon Friday, and we went to lunch and then waited for the kids to get home from school.

Let me tell you…those were two very excited kids when they stepped off the school bus and saw their grandparents waiting for them. They even acted surprised, even though I had told them that morning they would be there.

That night, we had intended to go out to dinner. But sometime Thursday I got saddled with the worst tension headache and just could not get rid of it. Usually, my tension headaches evolve into migraines, but this time it seemed like the migraine that I got on Wednesday evolved into full blown tension. I mean, it hurt to hold my head up most of the time, and my neck and shoulders were killing me. Even though I wanted to go out to dinner with my family, I couldn’t stand the thought of getting dressed up, driving to the city and sitting anywhere waiting on food. So we got pizza instead. Yay, pizza. I’m still eating the leftovers, by the way.  I tried every headache remedy we had in this house before going to the store Friday for something else, which finally seemed to mostly do the trick.

We don’t have an extra bedroom here. That fact alone thoroughly pissed off my MIL, who apparently forgot that I’m not working and we financially needed a smaller house. My parents, however, were fine with it…because they have an air mattress. I kept asking if they wanted to sleep in our room and we use the air mattress, but they didn’t want to. My plan before Christmas is to hopefully get something else they can sleep on that’s not so low.  But anyway. They were okay with it.

Saturday, my dad decided that while he was here, he wanted to help my husband tackle some of the needed jobs around the house. No, my dad doesn’t know the meaning of the word vacation! But I’m grateful to him for helping, and our front and back yards look so much better now. I think it even gave my husband a big jump start, because even after my parents left Sunday afternoon, he kept right on working until he’d cleared out our screened in porch, set up my swing, set up his hammock, put together a fire pit for the back yard, and installed a new thermostat.

They left Sunday just after lunch.  I wonder if we will ever get to the point where this doesn’t make me and my mother turn into blubbering, tearful messes. I think I’d be alright if I didn’t see her crying every time.


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