Rise and (Don't) Shine

It is almost 4 a.m. and I finally gave up trying to sleep an hour ago. A person can only take so much ceiling gazing, and there’s only so many times a person can push her husband on his side to quiet the snoring. It’s almost like sleeping with a bear sometimes. I came out here to try sleeping on the couch, but that didn’t help either. The alarm will go off at 5:30 to get the day started, so if I fall asleep at this point I will never wake up. Oh well, I’ll be able to make breakfast for everybody for a change…

Not sure if it’s because I slept a good bit yesterday, or if I just can’t turn my mind off to sleep. I sure felt sleepy when I went to bed, that’s for sure.

I keep running things through my head…I learned last night that my lovely in-laws were thinking about driving up here this weekend. She blurted that out very quickly, over four kids yelling over a webcam, and JB disappeared to take a shower when they called. (I’m still mad about that.) The way she said it, I thought she had, yet again, gotten confused on when we were coming home this week. I told her we weren’t going anywhere this weekend. Next thing I know, she’s said that they might come, either leave late Friday or early Saturday to get here. Then the kids went to hollering and yelling and I really couldn’t say much else. I kinda felt railroaded into that.

I wanted to scream, honestly. After all that drama she stirred up earlier in the week, she pulls that crap on us. When we are coming home this coming Wednesday. I have absolutely no need to see them this weekend, and then again later in the week…frankly, I’m sure my husband feels the same way.

Not to mention the fact that we are NEVER going to get this house done at this rate. There’s only so much that I can do on my own, and I’ve pretty much exhausted that list. I need JB”s help with the major stuff, and he only has time to help on the weekends. Do you know how many weekends we have actually spent in this house? Four. Do you know how many of those four weekends we have been able to do any work, because of us driving back to our hometown or people visiting us? Two. That’s right, TWO. I’m not really counting this past weekend, because even though my dad did get JB started in the yard that one day, we still felt like we needed to entertain them, not paint walls and move furniture. He painted the living room before we moved in. Since we’ve been here, we’ve finished painting the hall. That’s it! We still have both kids bedrooms, our bedroom, and our bathroom to work on.

So needless to say, when I finally told him tonight what his mother said, he was less than thrilled. We might not have been going somewhere, but he had lots of plans of house stuff he wanted to do. I told him he should call her and tell her that, not disappear on me like he did.

And I thought moving away from them would make things easier. What was I thinking? I feel like all I do these days is complain about my crazy in-laws.


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