About to take it outside!

I broke away from the in-laws’ Thanksgiving events for a while to go get my hair done. I got the kids hair trimmed while we were there, and sis-in-law took them back with her for the sleepover.

While Anthony was working on them, I was sitting behind his desk, and looked down at his appointment book. He had a girl coming in at 5 pm that I really did NOT want to see. She is a former friend of ours; we went to church together, she helped us get our tickets to Daytona races, etc…well, something happened over the summer with her and her ex-hubby, and another friend of mine (who happens to be the sister of ex-hubby’s new wife, follow me here!) got dragged into the argument. Let’s just say, before you go running your mouth on Facebook about the woman who took your place ya might want to make sure her sister isn’t on your friends list.

Long story short, Former Friend pulled a massive friends dump on Facebook, my hubby and me were included. I didn’t know that until days later, and then realized that she had un-friended every single person who was mutually friends with the sister. If you are sitting there thinking, How Petty? yes, I think the same thing. Either way, Former Friend hasn’t deemed us worthy to talk to, period, since then…although a couple weeks ago I started getting random forward texts from her number. I’ve just been ignoring them, and my husband didn’t know why she was sending them to me but not him. Not that he really cared, but still. I casually told Anthony that he needed to get my hair done before 5 pm, because I didn’t want to be there when Former Friend showed up. He said he didn’t know we were fighting, to which I replied that I didn’t either! But he said he’d have me gone by then.

Unfortunately, Former Friend showed up 45 insane minutes early for her appointment. She seemed to stay out of my line of vision, but I knew she was there because I heard the bell on the door and Anthony looked up and said hello to her. He got my highlights done and was leading me to the dryer, and she was sitting right there in the chair next to it. I wasn’t going to just ignore the fact that she was there, I’m not like that. So I said, “Hey, J.” as I sat down.

She NEVER even looked up from her magazine and acknowledged that I was even there! Rudeness! So I sat down, Anthony pulled the dryer down over my hair, and went off to go do something. I noticed that even though the witch showed up 45 minutes early, he never started on her hair until I was completely done. I was still fuming about it, and me and my husband actually were sending texts to each other from across the shop about it. He’d heard me speak to her, but didn’t realize that she ignored me. I eventually closed my eyes, because the air from the dryer was making them feel funny, and then over the noise I heard her talking to him. He had come to stand next to where I was sitting. I couldn’t hear everything they were saying. That made me even madder, she can talk to him but pretends like I’m not even there? Finally I was done with the dryer, Anthony finished up my hair. Soon enough, I noticed that Former Friend was no longer sitting where she had been, she’d gone out to the foyer area of the shop by herself. I guess maybe she knew I was mad, and maybe she had clued in that Anthony knew we were on the outs by the way he was acting.

When it was time to leave, I hugged Anthony and laughingly told him I’d be back in town in 6-8 weeks. JB and I walked out, right past Former Friend, said nothing to her and left. I’m sure that once we were gone, she cut me to shreds to Anthony, and that’s perfectly fine. (We were all friends, went to church together, but JB and I were better friends with him than she was.)

I’m hoping that the time I saw her messing with her cell phone, she was remembering that my number was still in it, and that she deleted it. She’d better hope I don’t get another one of her stupid little texts, because I probably won’t keep my mouth shut again.

What’s bad is that my friend, the one who saw Former Friend posting crap online about her sister, feels bad about the whole thing. She said it was her fault that she was treating me that way. I told her not to worry about it one bit, because it it ever came down to me choosing Former Friend or her, she’d win every time, even before all this drama started. I’m way better off without Former Friend’s histrionics.


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