Care for a Sunday drive?

Sunday, around 4 am, I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep thanks to the non-drowsy cold meds. Sure I could breathe, but dang! I need sleep!

I finally just got up around 5 am. I crept through the house, praying that I didn’t wake up that yapping chi-hua-hua. I somehow made it to the den and turned on the lamp without him budging. And there I sat, playing games on Pogo until I heard life stirring from the back of the house around 7 am. It was my mom, who looked about as great as I did, lol. She had decided not to go to church, since she felt so rough. We finally got up and ate breakfast, then JB and I went to my sister-in-law’s house to collect the rugrats.

The rugrats, naturally, were not ready to be collected. So we were there a lot longer than we had planned to be. But that was okay, since who knows when I’ll get to see my nephews again? We finally got them back to my parent’s house around 11. We had intended to eat lunch there, and then start the journey back home. But the kids had eaten a late breakfast and were nowhere near hungry, so we finished packing the truck and hit the road. We decided we’d stop for lunch as late as possible so they would be ready to eat. In the meantime, I was chewing the crap out of a piece of gum trying to ignore my stomach growling…the things we do for our kids! Finally, halfway home, we were starving and stopped at a McD’s just off the interstate. INSANE is the only way I can describe it. I had driven the first part of the trip, and my lack of sleep was starting to get to me…so we switched and he drove the rest of the way home.

We got home around 5 pm. The first thing we noticed was that somebody had blown the leaves off our driveway. We still don’t know who did it, but we definitely thank them for it! I think we are becoming known as the Leaf People around here, because we can’t seem to get ahead of all the dang leaves falling in our yard. The kids played with the little girl across the street a while, and we brought everything into the house. (and most of it is still sitting right where we left it, too.) I was immediately hit with the smell of the apple cinnamon reed diffusers I had put in the house last week, and all I could think was that “Man, my house smells good!” It’s that super power again, y’all.

I crashed on the couch after that. When I woke up, Monkey was complaining of a sore throat, so I medicated him for that before we went to bed. He seems better today, and then Diva came in saying she had a sore throat but seemed to forget about it right after. I’m hoping our cold will becoming to an end very soon…


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