Get your New Moon on!

Saturday, as I’ve already mentioned, did not start off all that well. My mom and I were half sick, my husband started World War 3 with his mother, and I didn’t get to see my kids before their second sleepover in a row.

At least they were with his sister, that made me feel better.

We left for our evening out around 3 in the afternoon. The plan was to meet up with my friends at Mellow Mushroom for an early dinner, and then drive over to the movie theater to see New Moon. Well, that’s what happened, only we didn’t eat much there for the simple fact that we were still full of Thanksgiving leftovers! I have so missed my girls, these two are my partners in POTC, Harry Potter, and Twilight series crime…whatever sequel happens to be coming out at the time. We have a tradition of seeing all these movies together, usually on opening day/night…but my moving away kinda put a cramp in that one for New Moon.

We finished dinner, headed for the theater, and settled in. I got to talk to another old coworker, who was sitting behind us. Its hard watching movies for the first time with people who’ve already seen it! The motorcycle scene, after Bella crashes, Shan kept saying, “Wait for it, wait for it, wait…TADOW, Jake with no shirt!” and then I heard Ames say, “Mama likes…” crazy people.  And yes, I had to sit there and keeping thinking the guy who plays Jacob is just a kid. I’m so Team Jacob after this movie, even though I know Edward gets the girl and all that. This movie was so much better than the original Twilight, to me anyway. I left Twilight feeling a little disappointed, honestly.

I did NOT, however, like the ending of New Moon! I seriously sat there thinking, “Is that really IT?” lol


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