Giving Thanks, and sharing things that don't need to be shared

Thursday, we spent ALL day at my parents’ house. We got up that morning, and helped my mom finish making lunch. Well, to be honest, my brother and husband helped. My SIL and I just sat back and took pictures, lol. There wasn’t really room enough in the kitchen for all of us. That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it.

Lunch was delicious, we stuffed ourselves silly, and then everyone went comatose in the living room. The funny thing was, we all fell asleep while watching an infomercial on the Ab Circle Pro. Nothing beats having a tummy so full it hurts, and watching other people exercise.

When I woke up from my tryptophan coma, I realized very quickly that my throat was sore. I figured I was just getting my daughter’s cold, and started loading up on the Zicam. I started feeling slightly better that night, and then froze my ass off in my parent’s iceburg house that night. I mean, not even my husband the human furnace could keep me warm!

I felt rough Friday, and then Saturday I felt a little better. By then, my mom was feeling bad. We sent my husband out for cold medicine! The problem was that all he could find was non-drowsy Sudafed, which worked fine for us during the day, but not so much at night. I managed to fall asleep for a couple hours, but I woke up at 4 a.m. Sunday and stayed awake. My mom said she didn’t get to sleep until 4 a.m. Last night was the worst I have felt since I started this cold mess, and I took Nyquil last night at 9 and slept like a rock. Well, maybe not a rock, since I was apparently hacking my lungs out a lot…I woke up to find a bag of cough drops on my nightstand. He said he went and got them for me last night, handed them to me, and I immediately threw them on the floor. I cannot be held responsible for my actions when I’m doped up on the Nyquil, baby. This morning was rather rough, and my man got up, got the kids ready, put them on the bus, picked up the cat, got our new car tags, went to the grocery store, changed the oil in the Jeep, and is now mowing the lawn. Yeah, he pretty much rocks.

So in this time of giving thanks and sharing meals with family, my daughter decided to share a few germs, and got half of us sick. I blame it on the boy she kissed at school on Tuesday…


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