Smaller portions, please

I didn’t realize it had been 10 days since I last posted anything here…

I updated our family site twice last week, I guess with everything going on it slipped my mind to write the down and dirty versions here. HA HA (Yep, you heard it here first, people…the family site gets the happy go lucky, everything’s wonderful, smiling kid pictures, the basic snooze fest. This site gets everything else, and pretty much what I’m REALLY thinking. lol) Well, last week’s updates over there were just about us painting Monkey’s room and the kid’s weird little storybook parade at school. Should you want to also read the happy go lucky posts, let me know and I’ll direct you to the other site. (I’m currently trying to figure out how to write about our Thanksgiving visit home without bashing certain people.)

My original post of the week at home got very long winded. So I decided to break it down a bit. I’ll link the various days and such here. Make it a little easier. The links open up in a new window, by the way.







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