This one time, at the bonfire

Wednesday night, we drove out to who knows where to meet up with a handful of JB’s friends from high school. I knew who most of them were, because I knew he hung out with all of them, but really, once he found me he was all about ME. HA. Seriously, though, it was mostly friends that he was in the band with.

Yes, you heard me right. That handsome stud of a man that I married was, in fact, a band geek. He could play a mean trumpet back in the day, and he was one heck of a drum major. I went to the football games *just* to see him play. The title of this post is a play off of that famous line from American Pie, “This one time, at band camp,” Just for him, since every time he said something about band camp, I threw that line in somewhere.

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, the kids all got along great, and they relived high school in the space of a few hours. We sat around a fire outside, which I didn’t know we were planning to do…if I had, I sure wouldn’t have worn my heeled boots out there. It was fun enough, but I’ve never felt like more of an outsider looking in than I did that night…I went to a different school, so half the people they talked about I never really knew. Oh well, one of the girl’s husbands was floating along in the same outsider boat I was though.


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