Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s raining. At least for now, that’s all I can say.

Our very first trip to Savannah almost didn’t happen. We had planned our wedding and honeymoon for late September, our honeymoon was to be in Savannah (ironic, no?). Can you say Peak Hurricane Time? We did plan a backup location because, because guess what? Late September ’99 saw a major hurricane rip through that area. Apparently not major enough that I can remember the silly name, but anyway.

Storm blew through, and we still went as planned. It rained the majority of the week we were there, but we were newlyweds and obviously didn’t mind being stuck in a room of a historic inn. Ahem. The times that we did venture out, we saw crazy T-shirts in shops everywhere about the stupid hurricane, and everywhere we looked were places selling umbrellas.

Our First Anniversary also found us in Savannah. Same historic inn, etc. Yeah, we’re saps like that. I also happened to be about 5 months pregnant with our first baby at the time. No hurricane rushing through this time, but it rained, and it rained, and it rained. I declared myself done with the whole thing when we were walking around Forsyth Park in lovely sunshine and then out of nowhere the bottom dropped out of the sky…oh sure, my husband could easily sprint to the car. The bowling ball that was my stomach prevented me from doing that. Okay, well I did run as best I could, but it dang sure wasn’t pretty.

So, not only had we started to associate Savannah with love, romance, and all that crap…but we had also started to link the city with never ending rain.

When we visited here last year, it was perfect weather the entire time. My faith in Savannah was restored. I’m guessing there’s a reason for that, since we ended up moving here. The first two weeks we were living here, RAIN. Blah. I wondered if we had, in fact, moved to Seattle. Or maybe Forks…but there were no sparkly vampires running around…

To my complete and utter horror, the day we got the cable hooked up, I saw a local news story about ‘Hurricane Proofing Your Home’. I couldn’t tell you now a single word they said, because I was all, “Snap, I have to DO that crap now?? I want my Mama!” You think I’m kidding. I do not kid.

Luckily, this hurricane ‘season’ has come and gone without much event. There was one night the local TV station kept flashing that stupid colored county map on the screen, there were four counties apparently in the zone of whatever the heck was happening…and I actually had to pull up a county map online just to see if we were in it. Hey, we had just moved here, I couldn’t recognize those counties by shape! Amazingly, nothing ever happened, and I stayed mad at the TV station for freaking me out for no good reason. (I need to save the X*ana*x for times when I really need it, after all.)

Yesterday, I saw that we are supposed to get bad weather today. They were making a pretty big deal about it, so I thought this must be something major coming. My mom gave us a weather radio soon after we got married, because she knew how bad weather bothered me. I brought it along with us, sure that I should be able to reset it and use it here. Until yesterday, it’s been stuffed in a corner of the armoire in our room.

Ha. Let’s just say that after an hour of fiddling with that dumb thing, I do at least have our county and the immediately surrounding counties programmed in. I think. But I’m stumped as to how to get our old counties OUT, and I ran out of spaces to put in new county codes. At one point, we were sitting here with two laptops, mine with the county codes, his trying to find any info about how to get old codes OUT. I’ve probably confused the hell out of the radio, because its technically set to pull alerts for 15 counties, over half of which are four hours away from here. I have no idea if it’s going to work the way its set up…I do know that they are having some rough weather back home today too.

I just hope it might let me know before I’m about to get blown away…give me time to hide in the bath tub, please.


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