The (Potential) Black Eye

This was, overall, a great weekend. I complained about the kids behavior last night, but that was after an afternoon that was spent breaking up fights, arguments, and I still have yet to completely understand how the potential black eye actually happened.

I have heard that Diva pushed him, and his head (mostly eye) connected with a chair. Then I heard that he hit his foot stool. I heard so many different things, I don’t know what actually happened. They all involve my mean little girl. I DO know that he didn’t come out to show us his eye, he didn’t cry or anything. I love my son dearly, but he’s a bit of a cry baby. They had been fussing all day, so by that point, when I heard no screaming I just hollered down the hall that if there was no blood or bones sticking out they were fine and they’d better break it up. Yeah, totally Mom of the Year there. We were sitting at the table eating dinner last night, and my husband and I both looked at him about the same time and saw that he had a red line all the way around the eye socket and into the bridge of his nose. The inside corner was really dark, so I was almost sure when he got up this morning it would be black.

He was up wandering around late last night. We’d already done the ice thing, so I gave him some Motrin when he said he couldn’t sleep because his eye was aching. We’d already felt around everything and didn’t feel anything cracked or broken, and there wasn’t any swelling. It was well after midnight before I knew he was asleep, so then I got to go to bed. (He still gets a little panicky if he’s the only one awake at night, so I always stay up until I’m sure he’s asleep.)

I had a hard time getting to sleep, and then staying asleep. I kept waking up hearing a train. The weird thing is, I have yet to find a train or tracks near here. My funny husband tells me I must be hearing a ghost train. Whatever! One of these days, I’m going to drive around, and just look for train tracks…lol

I miss the days when I used to sleep like a rock.


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