Percussion Watch

Late Saturday afternoon, my husband was outside working in the backyard, I was inside cleaning up. The kids were out front playing with the kid across the street. All was cool.

Then we heard the screaming.

Next thing I knew, the kids were running in the house, led by my daughter…who was crying, screaming, and holding her head.

It took me quite some time to get out of them what exactly happened. I still don’t know if I have it right, but what I understand is this: my son was riding his skateboard in the driveway, my daughter was leaning over looking at something on the ground. Apparently, my son got too close to her and tried to stop, popping up the front end of the board. Unfortunately, the front end of the board popped right up into my daughter’s head. More specifically, just above her right eye.

I’m not normally one to panic about things. If there’s no blood, no loss of consciousness, and the knot is on the outside, I usually just keep ice on the area and watch it. My kids are rather accident prone (they get it honestly from their mother) and I hate to say that I am kinda used to sleeping in a kid’s room, waking them every two hours, checking the pupils, etc. Especially my daughter…my son does the normal scrapes and bruises, she likes to fall and bang the hell out of her head and scare everybody to death.

The more I looked at this latest bump on the noggin, the less I liked it. Her eyebrow started swelling almost immediately, and all out to the side as well. There was a vertical bluish line about an inch long starting just above her eyebrow, and before all the swelling started I could have sworn I felt a ridge in the bone just under that bluish line. I kept ice on it for about ten minutes while I tried to decide what we needed to do. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of nothing, especially since my daughter has an intense fear of almost all doctors and hospitals. So intense, that the second she heard me whisper the word ‘hospital’ to my husband, she freaked the heck out.

Then she started yawning. And yawning. And yawning. Repeatedly. When she told me she was sleepy, that sealed the deal. I’d handle her freaking out in the ER, but she needed to be checked out.

My husband drove, I rode in the back with her. More and more yawning. She closed her eyes twice and tried to go to sleep. I have GOT to dig around and see if there is a convenient care or something around here, because my husband drove to the county hospital and it took like 20 minutes to get there…all the while I’m getting more panicked about keeping her awake.

Luckily, it’s not a busy ER. That said, I can’t say I was all that impressed with the place. The doctor had to be pushing 70, but at least he was very nice and was great with my daughter. She is still talking about ‘how nice that boy at the hospital is’. lol Far cry from her hating everyone associated with hospitals after the biggest jerk ever tried to start an IV on her back in May.

(And in all the rushing around, I forgot to turn off my phone before I walked back with her. Wouldn’t ya know the dang thing would go off twice WHILE the doctor was talking. I ignored it the first time, but it immediately went off again…he stopped talking and stared at me, so I reached in my pocket to turn it off. Insert snippy comment made by old man doctor, along with a side of embarrassment for me.)

Anyhoo. He said he thought she’d be okay, but we still needed to do the concussion watch during the night. We decided to let her sleep in the bed with us, make it a little easier to wake her up. OMG. Let’s just say I slept maybe an hour that night! I got pummeled, hit, smacked, gut checked, you name it. The good news is, she woke up fine every time, talked to me, all that. The bad news is, I was one cranky mama the next day with no sleep!

I don’t think anybody is at all surprised that our first trip to the emergency room in our new city would be for her…


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