The Year in Review: 2009 Edition

It’s that time of year again. Time for my yearly wrappin’ it up post. [here’s 2008, if you’re interested…but be warned, 2008 really sucked.]

January: I was so eager to see a new year, it just wasn’t even funny. 2008 was, in all honesty, the worst year I have ever lived through…I was glad to see it go! I also got my dream vehicle, a brand new Jeep Wrangler, which I promptly nicknamed Little Lovely. lol The month ended with some family stress, as well as much stress for me at work.

February: Apparently, February was not a good month. I only wrote 2 posts the entire month, and I was griping in both of ’em. I do remember we had my son’s 8th birthday party at the skating rink.

March: Ah, reading the beginning March posts, I remember now why February was so rough. One word: BULLY. In addition to mounting work stress, my husband and I were fighting the school constantly about this mean assed brat who suddenly made my son’s life a living nightmare. In better news, we saw “snow” in our little South Georgia town. Yeah, it didn’t stick, but still, it was kinda cool. In random, only makes me happy news, we got a new washer and dryer…my first ever new washer. Our daughter got really sick with another respiratory infection, and thanks to the ‘roid rage got in major trouble at school. We also got to see Jeff Dunham live, which totally rocked. Oh, and imagine this: even more work stress!

April: ugh. Spring Break. Awful time for moms who aren’t taking kids on vacations, because the kids drive her absolutely insane! Me and hubby both got sick right before Easter, and then when he got better he made a sudden decision to buy an old Jeep. Fun! We found out that my son might possibly have inherited my migraine headaches. 😦 My wonderful husband and my friends all kept secrets from me as they planned a surprise birthday party for my 32nd birthday! (And yes, I was completely shocked.) More work stress, only this month it was more my husband’s stress and me having to rearrange my schedule around him.

May: Our son had his last Chorus performance at school. We made a day trip to the Whistle Stop cafe in Juliet. I obsessed over finding new clothes and bathing suits for my beach trip with the girls (what’s new?) I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. A few days later, I had a nasty case of strep throat. I got better just in time to go with my friends to Destin for the all girls beach trip. The end of the month found us in the emergency room with our daughter, suspected appendicitis…it ended up being major constipation lol. Soon after that we first got the news about the possible move, which sent me into a tailspin.

June: Just about the time I started accepting the news about the move, I learned my family wasn’t handling it well at all. I didn’t know it then, but I would spend the next couple months agonizing and stressing over how everybody ELSE was dealing with it. I ended up in the ER the beginning of the month, strangely enough, suspected appendicitis, but evidently nothing ever came of that. I just know I was not crazy and it wasn’t what they were trying to push off on me. I think I spent the rest of June in a rotten mood.

July: We had our first family vacation since adding the Girl to our brood, and went to Daytona Beach and the races. We were still talking about the impending move and I was quickly losing interest in the whole thing, when HELLO! Yes we are moving. Cue family drama now. We took my son and nephews to see the new Harry Potter movie when it came out, bit of a tradition there. I had to see a podiatrist about my foot, which had been killing me for months but nurses make the worst patients and I wouldn’t go to the doctor about it. Its much better, now, thanks. I started the long journey of cleaning, packing, and getting ready to sell what I always considered our dream house. Our little girl turned 5 years old at the end of the month.

August: We celebrated the Girl’s birthday, and my husband’s youngest cousin got married. The kids got started in schools in our hometown, and my husband started the beginning of the longest two+ months of our lives. He had to be in the city for most of the week, leaving us home to miss him terribly. Mid August, I drove there to meet him and a realtor as we looked for a smaller, more affordable house that we would fit in yet allow me to stay home with kids a while. I was stressed to the max about selling our house, buying a new one, playing single mom, and dealing with an anxious, insomniac 8 year old. Our daughter was also clashing with her teacher on a daily basis, and I really wondered if I was going to get through the next couple months with my sanity intact.

September: September began with our daughter having strep throat. Mid month, my husband’s truck suddenly caught on fire in our driveway, right smack in front of the house that we were trying to hard to sell. That ended up being two months worth of aggravation until it was finally totaled. After 10 years of working at the hospital, I bid that job farewell. Months later, I miss the actual job itself, but I don’t miss the stress and BS that went along with it. I miss my friends there something awful. We spent our 10th anniversary in our new city, not really as an anniversary trip, but a week long introduction of the city for our kids.

October: More house stress, yay! We sold our house the last day of September and closed on our new house the following week. My husband was able to “move in” the middle of that week. The second weekend of October, we got moved into our new place…but even that wasn’t without its own set of stressful issues. The kids soon had their second fall break of the school year…they thought they were the luckiest kids alive, but by the end of the week I was close to selling them on Ebay. By the end of the month, everything we had gone through the last several months came crashing down on me. I even described myself as a Sims character whose diamond has gone red from lack of social interaction.

November: Throughout October and November, we made a total of three trips back to our hometown. These trips literally wear me out! We were finally able to replace the truck that was totaled by fire with a new to us Durango, which I mostly drive…and my husband took over my beloved Jeep for practical reasons. We were also finally able to spend a whole weekend in our new house, actually working on the house! Illnesses, family drama, and the Girl getting in trouble at school. Yeah, that’s the new normal for us. My parents made the drive up to spend a weekend with us, which made us all so very happy. We went home for Thanksgiving, and spent five days there.

December: Not much going on this month other than the usual decorating, shopping, and waiting for Christmas Day. More illness, on my part, which I am so glad to be over. It wouldn’t be normal without yet again, more family drama. This time it was much worse than it had ever been before, and more than once I was ready to just cut everybody off and be done with it. Christmas came and went, and for the most part, it went very well.


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