Well somebody dropped the ball.

We got a front loading washing machine and dryer in March 2009. I love them, really I do…but…

The washer is very loud. As in, I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be that loud. It’s been that way for a while, I just couldn’t get JB to have it checked out, and then with the move I never got the time.

I can’t wash clothes while people are visiting, because it literally sounds like it’s going to shake right on out of the laundry room! One good thing about this house as opposed to our previous house is that the laundry room has a door, so at least I can close it off and muffle the sound somewhat.

Anyway, JB finally called last week to get someone here to check it out. The first day we were given was today, and unfortunately it was to be the old “We’ll get there between 8 am and 5 pm” bull. I actually forgot all about it until yesterday afternoon, when the reminder popped up on my phone. We had been enjoying a lazy day recovering from the trip back home over the weekend, and I was not happy when I realized that because I would likely be stuck at home all day waiting for the guy to show up, I would have to go to the grocery store a day early. I would also have to unload all the suitcases and get the laundry done…because there was no telling what was going to happen to my washer. I’m not a fan of laundromats!

So this morning, we got the kids off to school, and I did the last load of laundry. And I waited. Waited some more. Still waited. And kept right on waiting. I was very annoyed, but by 4 pm, when JB checked in to see if I’d heard from them and I said no…the annoyance had surged into just plain mad. Just plain mad quickly became full blown angry when JB let me know that he’d called them and found out that our request for a repair had not even been entered into the system! I had so many things that I could have gotten done today, but I couldn’t because I was sitting around waiting on a repair guy that wasn’t ever going to show up!

Long story short, the local company that was supposed to do the job never had an opening today. The originating company that we called “forgot” to call us back to tell us that and reschedule. Now I’m expecting a call from the local company (better be tomorrow) to set up another time for our repair.



One thought on “Well somebody dropped the ball.

  1. […] (where we bought the set) and they set up a local company to come out and take a look at it. So we thought. I stayed home the entire day waiting for the repairman to show up, because you know the time frame […]

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