Caffeine Infused Rambling

I have no “formed” post in my head today. Only random little tidbits floating around in there…

  • Re: the washing machine that might anyday fly into spacehomeboy showed up Wednesday afternoon, in all his stinky cigarette glory, after giving me a 10 minute warning call. Apparently, the noise I hear when I’m doing laundry is the bearing that is out. The washer sometimes “walks” when I’m using it, and that’s because half the rubber feet are missing. THANKS, person who helped us move, you handled that one with extreme care. (and yeah, I know who it is, it’s the same person who wanted to just throw my vacuum cleaner on the back of a truck with a 50% chance of rain.) Anyway, he left that day telling me he’d order the parts to fix it, and give me a call the next day or two, to let me know when they would pick it up to work on it; in the meantime I could continue to use the washer. Yeah, I’m still waiting on that phone call. I’ll give him one more day, and then the sucker is getting a call from me. *Update 1pm today* Dude forgot he said he was going to call me. But the parts have been ordered to fix the washer at least…
  • Re: the cold snap that’s going to freeze us allYeah, I know it’s pretty much everywhere. But dang! People, Georgia does not get this cold. If we do happen to see 20 degree temps, it’s like for one night, MAYBE two. But OMG two weeks??? I have literally not been warm in two weeks. It’s like the cold has gotten into my bones and won’t leave now. I spend the majority of the day wrapped up in blankets, and daring somebody to make me come out from under it. Yesterday, I did my workout JUST to try to warm up. I officially hate winter now.
  • Re: my old lady tendenciesIt was Friday before I felt like I could walk normally. Three days! Needless to say, I was terrified of attempting the workout again, but darn it, I need to lose a few pounds and I’m so sick of being ‘in between’ sizes. I bought new jeans last month, 1o, because I can’t squeeze into 8. (well, I can, but that doesn’t mean that I should, KWIM?) Problem is, I have to cinch them up with a belt just to make them stay up! It is my goal to get back into my 8s this year. A 6 would be lovely, but I haven’t seen that number in 6 years, and have lost hope of seeing it again. Yesterday, as I said above, I did the workout again. I went easier on myself this time around, and today I’m alright. So maybe the bum hip mess is behind me now…let’s hope so.
  • Re: kids can be so freakin’ meanYesterday, my son decided to wear his baseball cap to school instead of the ski hat or his hoodie. I prayed all day that he would have a good day, and that those mean butt kids wouldn’t pick on him. And when he got home, he told me he had a good day, that his hair didn’t stick up when he took off his baseball cap. So I guess we have found a solution. I still think it’s ridiculous, but if he’s happy that’s all that matters.
  • Re: another bulleted section, just because I can…Yeah, I’m spent.

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