Still on track

One of my goals for this year is to read the Bible in 90 days. I started and gave up on this plan last year. I say it was because of my crazy work schedule and the stress of the impending move, and yeah, that might have been part of it.

But I also think I remember getting to this point then…day 11 or so. That’s what I am reading today, Day 11. I admit I’ve been falling a little behind and playing catch up the last couple days to stay on track to finish April 1st. I can’t blame work schedules or moving this time.

I love Genesis. Love it. I could have gotten through all the readings in Genesis in one day and still been ready for more. Even the first half of Exodus is easy for me to get through. But last half of Exodus, then Leviticus, and now Numbers…these are probably my least favorite books to read of all. And that’s right where I am now. I just started Numbers today…

But I am determined to do this! Y’all keep looking for my daily tweets about what I am reading…that holds me accountable too!


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