Sweet Surprise

I have always loved to read. My mother used to say that I would literally read anything I could get my hands on when I was a kid, and she was right. I spent a lot of my free time at the library when I was in high school, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I would often finish books in a day, and I usually checked out several at a time. I was one of the few people who actually enjoyed my college lit class 😉

Then I started nursing school. Suddenly, I was reading more often because I HAD to, not because I wanted to. For two solid years, the only things I read related to my nursing classes. It consumed every single moment I had, really. Then after I graduated, my free time was spent cramming for the state board exam. Then I started working night shifts at the hospital. Oh, and I was also planning our wedding at the same time all this was going on.  Reading was one of the last things I wanted to do, even if I’d had the time for it then.

Then after being married for less than two years, transitioning from night to day shifts, I became a Mama. Let me tell ya, if I thought I had very little free time before…I had zero now!

I actually did have a smallish book collection though, and every now and then, I’d pick up a book and just start reading. They weren’t new to me, I had read them before, and eventually I’d get bored and quit reading it. I started visiting the library again…only to realize, it wasn’t as great as I had thought back in high school. Everything I wanted to read was always checked out, or just not there.

So I started browsing the bookshelves of stores. If something caught my eye, I bought it. If somebody recommended a book to me, I looked for it and bought it. I still wasn’t as into it as I had been before though. If a book doesn’t grab me by the end of the first couple chapters, I have a hard time getting through it. Still do. I have also found in my adult years that I’m a much slower reader…I can read quickly, but I don’t comprehend words as fast as I used to.

That said, by the time we got ready to move into this house this past year, I had amassed an insane book collection. I filled a number of boxes with nothing but my books. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. Then we got here, and people started giving me a lot of flack about the amount of books I owned. Didn’t I know what a library was? Was I ever going to read all those books again? Why didn’t I sell my books, because I could make a killing on them? As I was unpacking boxes and making the new house a place we could comfortably live in (since it is smaller than we have been used to) and I quickly realized that I literally had no room for a single book shelf in this house. So obviously, unpacking the boxes of books was not something I could do. I still don’t want to let them go…so now they are taking up space in the attic and garage.

Then my friend got a Kindle as an early Christmas present. She kept raving about it, and I finally went to check it out. This was perfect! I could get new books on it, and store them there. It would be perfect for traveling, which we are obviously doing a lot more of these days. Plus the books are generally less expensive than if I were to buy them in a store. Win all the way around, right? Yeah, except the Kindles aren’t exactly cheap! I wanted one so much, I was even looking around to see if I could get a deal on a first generation Kindle…but being a SAHM for a while means that I’m not bringing any money into the home, so spending that much on something like that wasn’t what I felt I should do.

Last week, I noticed my husband playing around a lot on his computer…something he rarely does at home, since he deals with them so much at work. He kept asking me random questions about the Kindles, but then he was also checking out cookware sets too, and asking me what I wanted in that department. So when he called yesterday afternoon, and said that UPS would be delivering a package to the house, and would I please not open it until he got home because it might or might not be for me…I was very curious!

The package was delivered around 1 pm or so. It was definitely too small for cookware! And it was from Amazon 😉 I was going to patiently wait until he got home to open it…but then he called, and said I could go ahead and get into it as long as he could hear me! It was a Kindle! Of course I was excited beyond all reason…and then I was worried about the price. I said he didn’t have to get me anything at all for Valentines, my birthday, Mother’s Day, and a few more gift giving holidays! He said he knew I’d been really wanting one, and had been reading a lot more lately. My husband rocks!

Day Two as a Kindle owner, and I love it! I’m still trying to finish reading the books that I had gotten from Barnes & Noble before, can’t read those on my Kindle because of the DRM crap. Which irritates me because I paid for the books, I should be able to read them on whatever the heck I want…but anyway. Once I finish those, its all Kindle baby!


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