The Long Weekend

Less than a week with my Kindle…and the other night, after reading on it for quite a while, I turned it off to get the kids in bed. When I turned it back on, the screen went all wonky. It was like the top half was “cracked” inside, and I could only read half the screen down. I had a little freak out moment, and JB called customer service and we told them what was going on with it. A few minutes later, I have a replacement Kindle on the way! I’m really hoping to get it today, since I’m kinda going through withdrawals from it 😉

My parents visited this past weekend. It was a bit of a spur of the moment trip, they decided to come since they had a three day weekend. I was happy to see them! Not knowing too many people around here, after a few weeks of not seeing friends and family from back home, I start feeling really isolated, ya know?

The day after they told me they were coming, my mom called back and told me to plan a date with JB for Saturday night, that they would babysit the kids for us to go. I jumped at that offer, we haven’t had a single night on our own since early October! Granted, it was just dinner (Olive Garden, my fave) and a movie (Sherlock Holmes), but it was nice to have him all to myself for a few hours!

Yesterday, the kids were out of school. In part to get out of the house with them (and in part to avoid the neighbor’s kid who is currently driving me bananas) we drove into the city to see a movie together. The only one playing that I could let my 5 year old see and that we hadn’t seen already was the Princess and the Frog. It was a cute movie, not my favorite, but they enjoyed it. And I got a day with my babies, without a loud mouthed, bossy kid from across the street butting into it. 🙂


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