I want a do-over

I feel like poo. No other way to put it. To say that I feel like death is too extreme, it’s not that bad. Yet. But I don’t feel spectacular, either. So I’ll go with something in the middle. Poo.

Sometimes I wonder if the lack of good sleep will eventually get to me. I can’t remember the last good night’s sleep I had. Oh, wait. It was Tuesday night, when I took two Benedryl so I could sleep. I woke up yesterday morning feeling better than I had in a long time. Unfortunately, that was the last of the Benedryl, so last night I dug around in the med cabinet until I found a couple Simply Sleep that JB bought. Basically, it’s Benedryl. ha. So I took those and went to bed a few minutes before 11 pm.

And woke up at 2 am. Maybe the junk had worn off by then, but guess what I heard? The stupid mysterious train that I have still yet to find during my random driving around the place. I know I stayed awake a little while, but finally managed to fall asleep again. Wasn’t too happy to hear my husband’s ‘Bleed It Out’ alarm going off at 5 am, but I managed to go back to sleep. Then Ozzy started screaming “All Aboard” at me at 6 am, and JB left for Charlotte a few minutes after that. When I got up, the only thing I could think about was how scratchy my throat was.

It still is now. My ears keep popping, and I feel oddly achy. I haven’t checked but I don’t think I’m running a fever. I just don’t feel good at all.

Anyway, I got the kids off to school, got an ETA from JB about when he should be getting to Charlotte. I’m not happy about him having to go there at all, but especially not since it is raining all day. We all know he ain’t the best driver in the best of conditions.

I think I’m going to hit the shower and see if it makes me feel any better, and I might just go back to bed for a while. I’ve got until about 3:15 before the kids get home from school, and who knows what time B will get home tonight. So I’m on my sickly own for a while. Good thing I was only planning to have soup and sandwiches tonight…


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